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Mom the Cook & cashnhubby
Bonneville, Utah
Regional Rank #9
Puzzle Rating: 14.4

The list below displays the caches used to calculate the Puzzle Rating
for Mom the Cook & cashnhubby in the Bonneville region, sorted by current CP value.
A cacher's rating is the average CP score of the
top 10 Puzzle caches found or owned in the region.

RankCache Name (owner)CPs
1The Hex of Sudoku (by kimbest)
DGP Percentile: 93
Puzzle Cache!
2Pilot Zeros - Utah Megacache #3 (by bunkerdave)
DGP Percentile: 87
Puzzle Cache!
3Floating Island Indian Cave (by Desert Dawg)
DGP Percentile: 86
Puzzle Cache!
4Where Am I? #9 (by DrJay)
DGP Percentile: 84
Puzzle Cache!
5An Urban Hide ?? (by tweet)
DGP Percentile: 83
Puzzle Cache!
6"Diamonds" are the Tweets Best Friend (by PeanutsParents)
DGP Percentile: 82
Puzzle Cache!
7YELLOW FORK "chirp" (by Pip-Boy3000)
DGP Percentile: 80
Puzzle Cache!
8Statistics or Sadistics? (by Ivory hunters)
DGP Percentile: 77
Puzzle Cache!

Regional Rank #9
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