DGP DGP The Perfect Hand

The Perfect Hand

Trans-Pecos, Texas

The Puzzle Cacher's Perfect Hand for the
Trans-Pecos Region is currently worth 44.6

This list shows the top 10 current ChallengePoint (cCP) Puzzle caches
located within the Trans-Pecos region. These Puzzle caches are the most lonesome
to be found in the region and successfully logging a find on one of these
may not be easy. The investment in time and effort might be substantial,
and may or may not result in a find.

In order to earn a perfect Puzzle score in this region, a cacher would
need to have a find on all of the caches in this list.

RankCache Name (owner)CPs
1Sotol Forest Overlook (by tlepinski)
DGP Percentile: 100
Puzzle Cache!
2Jump2Conclusions (by Birddroppings)
DGP Percentile: 99
Puzzle Cache!
3Franklin Folds (by Birddroppings)
DGP Percentile: 98
Puzzle Cache!
4The Field Lab (by mwilliams4)
DGP Percentile: 96
Puzzle Cache!
5Shape Up (by Birddroppings)
DGP Percentile: 93
Puzzle Cache!
6Most Westest Texas (by Birddroppings)
DGP Percentile: 88
Puzzle Cache!
7Finger Flapper Cache (by Birddroppings)
DGP Percentile: 87
Puzzle Cache!
8Cheer From Here (by Birddroppings)
DGP Percentile: 87
Puzzle Cache!
9Wakeem / Teschner Nature preserve (by Rockdawg350)
DGP Percentile: 87
Puzzle Cache!
10Japanese Game Show (by Birddroppings)
DGP Percentile: 85
Puzzle Cache!

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