DGP DGP The Perfect Hand

The Perfect Hand

Western Slope, Colorado

The Cacher's Perfect Hand for the
Western Slope Region is currently worth 150.8

This list shows the top 10 current ChallengePoint (cCP) caches
located within the Western Slope region. These caches are the most lonesome
to be found in the region and successfully logging a find on one of these
may not be easy. The investment in time and effort might be substantial,
and may or may not result in a find.

In order to earn a perfect score in this region, a cacher would
need to have a find on all of the caches in this list.

RankCache Name (owner)CPs
1The Ducey Stromatolite Locality (by Me & Bucky)
2Pagoda Peak
3Mount Gunnison View (by coloradobob)
4Team 4
5Klairs Cove (by hornedvirgo4x4)
DGP Percentile: 100
6A Walk In The Woods (by littlesuzy)
DGP Percentile: 100
7Z TOP (by cachecoons)
DGP Percentile: 100
8The "Junkie" Geo Box (by westiewanderer)
DGP Percentile: 100
9Path of the Zodiac #14: The Western Sky (by earthcurrent)
DGP Percentile: 100
Puzzle Cache!
10Path of the Zodiac #3: Capricorn (by earthcurrent)
DGP Percentile: 100
Puzzle Cache!

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