DGP DGP The Perfect Hand

The Perfect Hand

San Juan, Colorado

The Backcountry Cacher's Perfect Hand for the
San Juan Region is currently worth 119.4

This list shows the top 10 current ChallengePoint (cCP) Backcountry caches
located within the San Juan region. These Backcountry caches are the most lonesome
to be found in the region and successfully logging a find on one of these
may not be easy. The investment in time and effort might be substantial,
and may or may not result in a find.

In order to earn a perfect Backcountry score in this region, a cacher would
need to have a find on all of the caches in this list.

RankCache Name (owner)CPs
1Mountain Sheep Point (by Canyonhunter)
2The accident (by Lank)
DGP Percentile: 100
3Long Lost Travel Bug Black Book (by phreetogo)
DGP Percentile: 100
4Where Old Eagle Lifts it's "Peak" (by rarehunter987)
DGP Percentile: 100
5Devil's Chair (by A & J - Adrift)
DGP Percentile: 99
6Floyd's Place (by PiratesoftheCache)
DGP Percentile: 99
7Fremont's Winter Camp (by benwill)
DGP Percentile: 99
8QuadQuest 04 (by daveandgina)
DGP Percentile: 99
9QuadQuest 09 (by daveandgina)
DGP Percentile: 99
10Venable Cabin Cache (by jmariner)
DGP Percentile: 99

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