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Oldest Caches

The list below contains the oldest caches within the DGP, ranked by their age.

RankCache Name (owner)Cache AgeCPs
1Tarryall11 yrs, 2 mos2
2Geocache11 yrs, 2 mos7
3Potters Pond (by leaper64)11 yrs, 1 mo4
4Geocache (by TEAM SNAKEBUSTERS)11 yrs3
5Paul Barclay Stash (by FrontRanger)11 yrs7
6T824 Table Mesa (by GCB0B)10 yrs, 11 mos28
6Labyrinth Canyon (by Team Snaptek)10 yrs, 11 mos18
8Beaver Springs (by walter)10 yrs, 11 mos24
8Little Creek Stash (by leaper64)10 yrs, 11 mos19
10Pony Express Stash (by leaper64)10 yrs, 11 mos5
11Clover Spring Stash (by JAC0B)10 yrs, 11 mos5
12Wah Wah Stash (by jb1rd)10 yrs, 10 mos22
13Senda de Tonto (by stevek)10 yrs, 9 mos3
14XKD-38010 yrs, 9 mos5
15Diablo Point Cache (by mikeytwoshoes)10 yrs, 9 mos6
16Cone Mountain (by GCB0B)10 yrs, 8 mos12
17Red Canyon ME (Millenium Edition)10 yrs, 8 mos40
17Vegas New Year 2K1 Stash (by 2badgers2nv)10 yrs, 8 mos6
19The Haystack Cache (by skyboy)10 yrs, 8 mos8
20Golden Arrow (by gariac)10 yrs, 8 mos12
21Indian Pass Geocache10 yrs, 8 mos16
22Open Space letterbox 7b (by Team Tuxawuxa)10 yrs, 8 mos9
22Open Space Letterbox 7A, 1/4 section corner (by Team Tuxawuxa)10 yrs, 8 mos8
22Fremont Saddle (by Team Snaptek)10 yrs, 8 mos7
25Dead Car (by Team Snaptek)10 yrs, 8 mos11
25Kleaver Karl's Kache (by robanna)10 yrs, 8 mos11
25Sticky Fingers after the Saguaros10 yrs, 8 mos3
28Log Cabin10 yrs, 8 mos5
29Lake Pleasant (by Team Arrowhead)10 yrs, 8 mos21
30Buried Loot Beyond the Valley of Fire10 yrs, 7 mos15
30Box Canyon (by Team Snaptek)10 yrs, 7 mos10
30Outdoor Nevada Geocache #1 - Buffington's Pockets (by tmorris)10 yrs, 7 mos8
33Peak One10 yrs, 7 mos7
34Lib & Edub's Faultline (by Fire Elemental)10 yrs, 7 mos4
35Pajarito Springs Stash (by Calhoun)10 yrs, 7 mos14
35Cache with a view10 yrs, 7 mos13
35Lunar Lunacy (by Team Tierra Buena)10 yrs, 7 mos5
38Canned Mountain Preserves (by wogunhiker)10 yrs, 7 mos7
39Quartz Cache (by Team Finn)10 yrs, 7 mos15
39Hound's-Tooth Cache10 yrs, 7 mos13
41Lorenzo's Loot (by earwood)10 yrs, 7 mos10
42T824 Pulpit Rock (by Corfman Clan)10 yrs, 7 mos19
42Hang'em High (by Team Gadsden)10 yrs, 7 mos6
42Deer Creek Cache (by topgun)10 yrs, 7 mos5
45Dubya (by 4X4AV8R)10 yrs, 7 mos21
45Childhood Memories in the Mountains (by DrJay)10 yrs, 7 mos15
47Zion Panorama Stash (by garywil)10 yrs, 7 mos19
48N40W113 (by rodespain)10 yrs, 7 mos53
48The Edge of Starvation (by firedfred)10 yrs, 7 mos24
48The Wasteland Stash (by bunkerdave)10 yrs, 7 mos3
51RIM RR DEPOT10 yrs, 7 mos12
51The Diamondback Snake Patrol Cache (by Seegmiller)10 yrs, 7 mos12
51Four Paws Geocache (by bcalhoun)10 yrs, 7 mos9
54Back in the Saddle Again (by dobre)10 yrs, 7 mos2
55West of IPP (by Huaso)10 yrs, 6 mos25
55Topaz Solitude (by codyc)10 yrs, 6 mos16
55aqua-gone (by edge)10 yrs, 6 mos13
58Desert Mountain Cache (by dorgill)10 yrs, 6 mos18
58Willow Springs cache (by TEAM SNAKEBUSTERS)10 yrs, 6 mos15
60Fort Bayard Ledge (by Dean & Ging)10 yrs, 6 mos25
60Animas Cache (by Sabina)10 yrs, 6 mos22
60Black Rock Station (by leaper64)10 yrs, 6 mos18
60Keyhole Canyon Cache (by Dr Webe)10 yrs, 6 mos5
64In The Chips (by leaper64)10 yrs, 6 mos9
65Secret Mesa Cache (by Eagle eye)10 yrs, 6 mos24
66Bayo Canyon Birthday Stash (by Calhoun)10 yrs, 6 mos13
66River Walk10 yrs, 6 mos11
66The Furniture (by koshea)10 yrs, 6 mos7
69Guaje Canyon Oak Tree Cache (by Calhoun)10 yrs, 6 mos22
69BEAVER OVERLOOK (#1) (by MAGNUM)10 yrs, 6 mos15
69Catalina Nature Trail (EASY for kids 4 and over) (by The Crazy H Crew)10 yrs, 6 mos3
72The 'G' Spot (by Mazellan_Trailblazer)10 yrs, 6 mos9
73Big Bend Bounty10 yrs, 6 mos8
74Money (That's What I Want) (by dobre)10 yrs, 6 mos9
75Mule Mountains - A View to My House10 yrs, 6 mos36
75T697 Mr. Happy's Cache (by msqrd)10 yrs, 6 mos27
75UTM, a.k.a. Denali Summit (by JeeperDad)10 yrs, 6 mos16
75South Willow Road (by leaper64)10 yrs, 6 mos13
75St. Louis Creek10 yrs, 6 mos6
75Lifesaver (by Ron Streeter)10 yrs, 6 mos4
81Aztec UFO10 yrs, 6 mos10
81No Place in Particular (#2) (by MAGNUM)10 yrs, 6 mos8
81Rio Grande Urban Cache (by The Plugge Family)10 yrs, 6 mos3
84Old Roy Bean's Stash at the Pecos River, Texas (by txoilgas)10 yrs, 6 mos8
85THE GAP (#3) (by MAGNUM)10 yrs, 6 mos6
86A Grand Undertaking (by GCB0B)10 yrs, 6 mos9
87Xmas Tree Cache (by caverspencer)10 yrs, 6 mos10
88Vulture Peak (by WrongWay)10 yrs, 6 mos21
88Wedge Overlook Cache and Ride (by koshea)10 yrs, 6 mos15
88Meeting of the Glaciers (by hunt4elk)10 yrs, 6 mos7
88Mantua10 yrs, 6 mos6
92Cottonwood Valley Star Wars Cache (by Dr Webe)10 yrs, 6 mos14
92virgina dale (by arlan1)10 yrs, 6 mos7
92King Usery's Treasure10 yrs, 6 mos6
95Salt Basin Cache (by Team Crush)10 yrs, 6 mos28
95Bach Fest (by Team Snaptek)10 yrs, 6 mos13
95First Cache County Cache (by rodespain)10 yrs, 6 mos13
95Westside urban cache (by The Plugge Family)10 yrs, 6 mos4
99WEST OF WORK (#4) (by MAGNUM)10 yrs, 6 mos3
100Flying Monkey Mesa (by codyc)10 yrs, 6 mos9