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Cause I Can

ChallengePoint Summary
DGP CP Total10,830
ChallengePoint Milestones
Cacher #292 to reach 10K Total CPs (May 2011)
Regional CP Accolades
#14 in the Cedar region of Utah

Hides Summary
CPs for 141 Caches Owned
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Top ChallengePoint Hide:
Tule Canyon " It is just a ride" (183 CPs)
Top Finder of Cause I Can Hides
Ranger Dale (64%)
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Recent ChallengePoint Activity
6 Month
  Net Change  
1 Month
CPs from Finds
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Backcountry Summary
DGP Backcountry Rating54.5
Average CPs per Cache8.4
1 Exceptional Challenge
Most Lonesome Cache Found or Owned (#53):
Tule Canyon " It is just a ride" by Cause I Can
183 CPs
Regional BC Accolades
#9 in the Area 51 region of Nevada

Puzzle Summary
DGP Puzzle Rating8.7
Puzzle Cache CPs174
Regional Puzzle Rating Accolades
#26 in the Dixie region of Utah

Find Count Categories
DGP Find Count985
Net Finds (6 months)+81
DGP First-to-Finds22

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