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Me & Bucky

ChallengePoint Summary
DGP CP Total
Challenge Cache CPs (#5)1,482
ChallengePoint Milestones
Cacher #38 to reach 10K Total CPs (April 2009)
Cacher #21 to reach 25K Total CPs (April 2010)
State CP Accolades
#13 ChallengePointer in Nevada
#31 ChallengePointer in California
Regional CP Accolades
#10 in the Area 51 region of Nevada
Owner Find Accolades
#2 finder of nvtriker hides

Hides Summary
CPs for 146 Caches Owned
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Top ChallengePoint Hide:
The Ducey Stromatolite Locality (226 CPs)
Top Finder of Me & Bucky Hides
bikephotog (27%)
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Recent ChallengePoint Activity
6 Month
  Net Change  
1 Month
CPs from Finds
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1 Month Find Gains Meter
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Backcountry Summary
DGP Backcountry Rating
Average CPs per Cache5.8
3 Exceptional Challenges (#26)
Most Lonesome Cache Found or Owned (#21):
Nevada Virtual Challenge by JAC0B
239 CPs
State BC Accolades
#4 Backcountry Cacher in Nevada
#5 Backcountry Cacher in Colorado
#48 Backcountry Cacher in New Mexico
Regional BC Accolades
#1 in the Vegas region of Nevada
#3 in the Arkansas region of Colorado
#4 in the Area 51 region of Nevada

Puzzle Summary
DGP Puzzle Rating26.9
Puzzle Cache CPs970
State Puzzle Rating Accolades
#27 Puzzler in Nevada
Regional Puzzle Rating Accolades
#7 in the Yucca region of Nevada

Find Count Categories
DGP Find Count
Net Finds (6 months)+1556
DGP First-to-Finds
State FTF Accolades
#22 First-to-Finder in Nevada
Regional FTF Accolades
#8 in the Area 51 region of Nevada

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