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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by PhantomWSO, ranked by current CP values.

1Mnt. Irish100June 2010Area 51
2Sir Garmin's Colors91January 2009Yucca
4Bridge Point80June 2009Yucca
5After getting Tanked79February 2010Yucca
6Watch your step!!!!!79March 2010Yucca
7Muddy Peak78March 2009Area 51
8Over the Hill and Far Away77April 2005Yucca
9Devil's Backbone77April 2006Yucca
10Indecision Peak77April 2008Yucca
11Mount Wilson76May 2009Yucca
12Wheeler Peak Benchmark75September 2006Yucca
13Bridge Mountain Summit75October 2007Yucca
14McCullough Mountain Cache74April 2007Yucca
15Endor74July 2009Yucca
16Mordor74July 2009Yucca
17Mount Doom / Murphy Peak74July 2009Area 51
18Mystic73October 2003Yucca
19Conning Tower73April 2004Yucca
20SandStone Peak73November 2010Yucca
21Ibex Mine73January 2010Death Valley
22NVs 38th Parallel OCC (Gray Edition)73January 2009Yucca
23How's the View 273March 2009Yucca
24spring mountain peak72May 2007Yucca
25Nobody's eating waffles and syrup71June 2008Death Valley
26Mount Comdex71April 2006Yucca
27Crypto 371December 2006Vegas
28Whiskey Peak70October 2010Yucca
29SWAG 370January 2003Yucca
30PEAK 584069May 2010Yucca
31Deadman Hiding68August 2005Area 51
32The Devil made us do it68February 2004Yucca
33Bonanza Peak Cache68October 2007Yucca
344 mole Hills68April 2005Yucca
35An Event Prize.68January 2009Yucca
36Hiking Hanna67December 2007Yucca
37Arrow Canyon Range67September 2007Area 51
38Lil Devil66October 2007Yucca
39Tanks for the climb66October 2007Yucca
40Peak 442766January 2011Yucca
41Goodman Peak66November 2010Yucca
42Willanza Arch65June 2008Yucca
43Willow Peak65June 2008Yucca
44Silver Dollar Mountain64October 2005Yucca
45Poop Mountain64January 2004Yucca
46Oak Creek Overlook64October 2010Yucca
47The Good Egg Cache64August 2006Yucca
48Magic Mt.64September 2010Yucca
49Little Cherry Creek Hideaway64June 2010Great Basin
50Golden Watch Tower64October 2005Yucca

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