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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Nygaard's, ranked by current CP values.

1Wacker Ponds Fishing Cache46February 2009South Platte
2Small Town Series Padroni, Colorado # 245November 2009South Platte
3Small Town Series Iliff, Colorado # 336November 2009South Platte
4Eagle's Rest34August 2008South Platte
5Colorado Spirit Quest #59 Bryant30January 2009South Platte
6Pete Plainsman30September 2008South Platte
7Colorado Spirit Quest #285 - Abbott Cemetery29September 2009South Platte
8Colorado Spirit Quest #215 - Evangelical Lutheran26August 2009South Platte
9Colorado Spirit Quest #229 - Pleasant Valley26August 2009South Platte
10Colorado Spirit Quest #284 - Lee Cemetery26September 2009South Platte
11Buchanan Cache25August 2009Front Range
12Colorado Spirit Quest #161 Rockland25January 2009South Platte
13Colorado Spirit Quest #288 - Elba Cemetery23September 2009South Platte
14Small Town Series # 4 Willard, Colorado22December 2009South Platte
15Colorado Spirit Quest #214 - Beaver Valley21August 2009South Platte
16Colorado Spirit Quest #242 - Burdett21August 2009South Platte
17Forgotten Ponds21October 2008South Platte
18Colorado Spirit Quest #332 - New Haven Cemetery19March 2011South Platte
19Colorado Spirit Quest #58 Pleasant Valley19October 2008South Platte
20Wide Open Spaces19June 2009South Platte
21Windmill Road19June 2009South Platte
22Merino Cemetery17April 2009South Platte
23Colorado Spirit Quest #236 - Eben-Ezer17November 2009South Platte
24Archers Hidden Prize17October 2008South Platte
25Colorado Spirit Quest #331 - Schlake Cemetery17March 2011South Platte
26Dead Horse Draw Creek17September 2008South Platte
27catfish,turtles and bass oh my17October 2008South Platte
28Eagle's Trail16August 2008South Platte
29Cottonwood fishing hole16May 2011South Platte
30Colorado Spirit Quest #333 - Kelly Cemetery16March 2011South Platte
31Colorado Spirit Quest #334 - Leroy Cemetery16March 2011South Platte
32Colorado Spirit Quest #224 - Curtis16August 2009South Platte
33Colorado Spirit Quest #234 - Barber16August 2009South Platte
34Vol. Pyros15October 2008South Platte
35Park15November 2009South Platte
36Colorado Spirit Quest #359 Sunset Memorial Gardens15March 2011South Platte
37Colorado Spirit Quest #360 - Summit Springs15March 2011South Platte
38Colorado Spirit Quest #361 Susanna Alderdice Grave15March 2011South Platte
39Pawnee Buttes - West Pawnee Butte14July 2009South Platte
40Colorado Spirit Quest #223 - Hope14August 2009South Platte
41Life's A Beecher, Then You're Massacred14August 2009South Platte
42Pawnee Buttes - Ogallala Formation14July 2009South Platte
43Sand Creek Cache13April 2009South Platte
44Willard Cemetery13April 2009South Platte
45NFL Super Cache13May 2009New Belgium
46Colorado Spirit Quest #231 - Woodhams13August 2009South Platte
47The Frenchman Creek Cache13October 2008South Platte
48In Memory of Jill13December 2009South Platte
49Tri-Color Puzzle13May 2009New Belgium
50Cheyenne in Mourning12March 2011South Platte

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