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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Grand High Pobah, ranked by current CP values.

1Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation62August 2011Zion
2CO Midland "telegraph path" cache60August 2009Continental Divide
3Mayday! Mayday!60August 2011Area 51
4Sophie's Stash49August 2010Continental Divide
5Finlay... Long Before Hornswoggle49August 2011Area 51
64x4 4-Jones Pass47September 2007Continental Divide
7My pack is too light! - Need water!47September 2007Wasatch
8Fossil Creek 146April 2007New Belgium
9Magnolia Mine45August 2011Area 51
1024/745March 2007Denver
11Mountain Boarding with Cub Boy45August 2008Continental Divide
12Phebe42October 2006Front Range
13Mt.Top Cache42August 2006Front Range
14The Waring Norrie Colony Chinatown Cache42August 2009Continental Divide
15Utah Tropical Forest (on the way to Abby's Rescue)41September 2007Wasatch
16Clan Alpine40August 2004Lahontan
17Bikin' Beaver39July 2007Front Range
18Tailgater39August 2007Front Range
19Arboritum38August 2008Western Slope
20"Bear" With Us37May 2007Denver
21The 4th of 4 Horsemen: 7 Seals Blue Light Team37October 2007Denver
22RM ORS #08-06: Derringer Peak36August 2008Front Range
23The Mother's Lode36July 2007Front Range
2410-5036November 2005Denver
25Mondo's Arapaho Spot36August 2008Front Range
26Mondo's Star #1136March 2006Denver
27Divide and Conquer35July 2007Front Range
28Stayin' Alive Too!35September 2007Wasatch
29Major Intersection33September 2007Area 51
30Mondo's Falling Apart33August 2008Continental Divide
31Mysteries Landscape33August 2009South Platte
32Christmas in July?33January 2008Yucca
33To Catch a Thief 232September 2005South Platte
34Mondo's Colorado 64 Challenge32September 2008Front Range
35Border Jumper31September 2007Area 51
36Remove and Replace31September 2007Area 51
37Point Black Glyphs30August 2011Area 51
38Corey's Safari II My Friends30October 2007New Belgium
39Gambits' Vista30July 2007Front Range
40Colorado Spirit Quest #59 Bryant30August 2009South Platte
41Pete Plainsman30May 2008South Platte
42Mondo's Star #1430March 2006Denver
43Cougar30September 2007Wasatch
44Colorado Spirit Quest #285 - Abbott Cemetery29September 2009South Platte
45Night Fall Coming (on the way down the canyon)29September 2007Wasatch
46Fisherman's Delight II Spectacle Lake29August 2008San Juan
47Pass Creek29July 2011Continental Divide
48Moxie29September 2007Wasatch
49Naw!29September 2007Area 51
50Mondo's Star #529October 2005Denver

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