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Top 50 caches found by 5francs, ranked by current CP values.

1Eldorado69September 2009Lahontan
2Sata Clara Roughs62July 2009Lahontan
3Can you hear me now?47May 2009Lahontan
4Packard46May 2009Lahontan
5Spring surprise39October 2009Lahontan
6Jackson39March 2010Lahontan
7Rocky Road "_______ _______" !!34September 2010Lahontan
8Star City Township31July 2009Lahontan
9Red White & Blue31December 2010Lahontan
10Arabia31May 2009Lahontan
11Wadsworth View31November 2010Lahontan
12Tears to You, Tears to Me28April 2009Lahontan
13Table for Four27October 2009Lahontan
14Just Wright27May 2010Lahontan
15Imlay Summit26August 2009Lahontan
16Rock Stop26April 2009Lahontan
17K7XC #5 - Dead Boat Mountain25April 2009Lahontan
18Superior View24January 2009Lahontan
19Ten Tin Series #7 - Charades for Kids24April 2010Lahontan
20Goldbud24March 2010Lahontan
21Eagle Salt Works23May 2009Lahontan
22Maui-Wowie23November 2009Lahontan
23Applegate Trail-Antelope Summit22February 2009Lahontan
24TRR1 aka T-2 Truckee Trail-Humboldt Bar21September 2010Lahontan
25Humboldt House Find21June 2010Lahontan
26Wildflowers21November 2009Lahontan
27Eugene's Monotis21May 2009Lahontan
28California Trail, Imlay21May 2009Lahontan
29Truckee River Route - Narrow Avenue21August 2009Lahontan
30Wagons Ho!21April 2009Lahontan
31Lil Devil's Postpile20June 2009Lahontan
32Who Dun It? Cache20January 2009Lahontan
33Cinnabar Hill19March 2010Lahontan
34Desert Falls19December 2010Lahontan
35Rock On19October 2009Lahontan
36Painted Hills19January 2009Lahontan
37Happy Birthday to Me!19June 2009Lahontan
38Rabbithole Watershed-Applegate Trail18April 2009Lahontan
39Tempus fugit (corollary to "Off Agin..." series18June 2009Lahontan
40Ten Tin Series #3 - Spiderman Uno18April 2010Lahontan
41Who Turned Out The Lights? #1 - Course Marker 21218April 2009Lahontan
42Salt Creek Crossing17April 2009Lahontan
43Yesteryear Yesterday Cache17April 2009Lahontan
44Hang Over Hill17June 2009Lahontan
45The Petroglyphs17March 2010Lahontan
46Who Turned Out The Lights? #3 - Beacon 2317March 2010Lahontan
47Building Blocks17November 2009Lahontan
48desert queen cache17March 2010Lahontan
49Truckee River Route - Truckee River16March 2010Lahontan
50Red Bluff16June 2009Lahontan

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