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Cache Lists

All caches (with 10 or more CPs) found by cleelum, ranked by current CP values.

1Just for you Sue22March 2010Salton Sea
2Cactus Garden18April 2011Salton Sea
3HOME SWEET HOME a.k.a. The Tin Cabin17March 2010Salton Sea
4"Malabar" Sand Road to the Bat Caves13April 2011Salton Sea
5The Getto Bunch North #112January 2011Yuma
6More rocks 1A12November 2010Yuma
7Trash12March 2010Yuma
8Gila Cache12February 2011Yuma
9IT'S FROM OHIO11November 2010Yuma
10End of the Road Again11February 2011Yuma
111 by Land or 2 by Sea11January 2011Salton Sea
12EARLY DAYS MINE11March 2010Yuma

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