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Top 50 caches found by jcanyoneer, ranked by current CP values.

1rEeNoYnAcJ169March 2010Heiroglyphic
21UP-manship117July 2010Ironwood
3Vaporlock!100September 2010Phoenix
4I am a Rock83January 2010Heiroglyphic
5Bad Poetry83April 2011Tucson
6Manuscript Wisdom81November 2010Yucca
7Four Corners ?78December 2010Phoenix
8Over the Hill and Far Away77November 2010Yucca
9Devil's Backbone77November 2010Yucca
10Progressively Lost77June 2011Yucca
11Canister Black76February 2011Heiroglyphic
12Mount Comdex71November 2010Yucca
13Soup of the Day ?66January 2011Phoenix
14Archimedes65June 2010Phoenix
15Two Dollar cab ride64August 2010Phoenix
16Mr. Daniel's64January 2011Heiroglyphic
17.558October 2010Heiroglyphic
18Fossil-Arrow Cache57June 2010Tonto
19Crazy Eights - Progressive54April 2011Phoenix
20KY's Cache53March 2010Heiroglyphic
21Squaw's Nipple53June 2011Hualapai
22A stitch in time saves Nine52March 2011Phoenix
23P.S. -- Have a Nice Day!52July 2010Tucson
24Mark's Poem49June 2010Heiroglyphic
25Smoking Banana Peels or The Original Smooth ?48October 2010Phoenix
26GEO-Challenge: Find a cache a day for 500 Days!!46November 2010East Valley
27Highline & Bonita46October 2009Tonto
28Caterpillar Super Highway44September 2009Heiroglyphic
29If It's Not British, It's.....43July 2010Tucson
30The Killing Moon42August 2010Rim
31Riding the Wave42January 2010Phoenix
32Grand Canyon - North Side41April 2009Grand Canyon
33It's Seven A.M. in Phoenix ?41April 2011Phoenix
34.5 (Easy Version)41October 2010Heiroglyphic
35White Tank Blast41March 2010Heiroglyphic
36Rock Of Ages41January 2010Heiroglyphic
37Slick Rock View41October 2009Tonto
38A Traditional Cache Unlike Any Other41April 2011Tucson
39Would There Were Ten40September 2010Rim
40Advanced Beyond Your Comprehension40April 2011Tucson
41Caterpiller Hill40September 2009Heiroglyphic
42I Love Moms Homemade Pumpkin Pi40February 2011Phoenix
43It's Elemental: Hydrogen38June 2010Yavapai
44Lake View38June 2011Hualapai
45Eat at the Chuckwagon Restaurant37June 2010Heiroglyphic
46Purple Trails to J Canyon36November 2009Ironwood
47Above Arizona #3, Luke AFB35March 2010Phoenix
48WN Valley Navigation ?34September 2010Phoenix
49Patchwork34July 2010Ironwood
50tbL (old)33January 2011Phoenix

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