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Top 50 caches found by cold1, ranked by current CP values.

1Utah's Unique Natural Features81June 2011Salt Lake City
2Boardman Springs - End of the trail79August 2008Wasatch
3Fire and Ice ( MacGyver Cache # 49 )72November 2008Provo
4The Outsiders ( MacGyver Cache # 67 )70November 2008Sanpete
5Jon's Fort67November 2008Wasatch
6Beyond Jubilee66April 2011Wasatch
7Over Rattlesnake65September 2008Wasatch
8Rattlesnake Point65September 2008Wasatch
9The Widowmaker ( MacGyver Cache # 52 )56October 2008Wasatch
10Lime for Sugar?45November 2008Sanpete
11West Mountain Ride - Gods' View44November 2008Provo
127344June 2011Wasatch
13Read Between the Lines44April 2011Provo
14West Mountain43November 2008Provo
15Lucky Tree Cache43November 2008Provo
16Don't Look Down!41April 2011Wasatch
17School is Out41September 2008Wasatch
18RED Lake41September 2009Wasatch
19What UR Boss Gives U41June 2009Yucca
20Jubilee37April 2011Wasatch
21The Tetris Puzzle Cache36April 2011Provo
22The tin can cache36November 2008Provo
23BULL DOG MOUNTAIN35May 2011Bonneville
24El Salvador35April 2011Wasatch
25Out in the Cold ( MacGyver Cache # 38 )35April 2010Wasatch
26Cache With A View34May 2010Wasatch
27Alphabet Cities Challenge - UT33August 2009Provo
28End of Paradise32October 2008Sanpete
29The Pole Line Cache32May 2011Bonneville
30TriBond #232April 2011Provo
31First Blood32November 2008Fishlake
32Gravel Pit31November 2008Wasatch
33Odd Man Out31April 2011Provo
34HellFire ( MacGyver Cache # 8 )31May 2011Provo
35People Moving Slowly30April 2011Provo
36Wilson Ranch Cache30October 2008Sanpete
37Ho Ho Ho!30November 2008Sanpete
38Sandy Beach29October 2008Provo
39Crazy Cliff29September 2009Sanpete
40Wild West Toy Cache28November 2008Provo
41Coots Slough28June 2011Fishlake
42CAU Challenge Cache28June 2011Sanpete
43Elk's Winter Hang Out27September 2008Wasatch
44The Prodigal ( MacGyver Cache # 9 )27October 2008Wasatch
45Ole Tumbleweed Cache26November 2008Sanpete
46Peripheral Visions26November 2008Provo
47Word Find Puzzle Cache26April 2011Provo
48Mountain Cliff Fever26May 2010Bonneville
49Lookout Point26June 2011Sanpete
50Alecia's Cache25November 2008Provo

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