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Top 50 caches found by Ibby, ranked by current CP values.

1Koko's Cache35January 2004Tonto
2Forgotten Kingdom Treasures30July 2003Front Range
3Rock House Rock24October 2006Heiroglyphic
42's Your Daddy?24November 2010East Valley
5SALT RIVER CACHE24March 2006Tonto
62 Strikes and You're Out!23November 2009East Valley
7The Beer Cache!23June 2007Front Range
8360 View22December 2003Tonto
9RTW-121November 2002Tonto
10Mesa Minerals21March 2004Tonto
11In the Shadow of Lil' Half Dome21November 2009East Valley
12Covert Cabin20September 2003Front Range
13What a view!20November 2006East Valley
14Naylor View20August 2003Front Range
15Mondo's Strength19September 2009Front Range
16What's Up Toots?19March 2010East Valley
17Tribute To A Friend18May 2004Front Range
18Cajun Cache17July 2002Continental Divide
19High Country Treasures17February 2008Tonto
20Fortress16March 2006Tonto
21New Years Nipper15December 2010Tonto
22Willow Springs cache15March 2001Tonto
24Boulder Flat15January 2005Tonto
25Lost Corral15January 2003Tonto
26Hicks Mountain14July 2005Front Range
27Lancer and Kiva's Lost Goldmine14November 2002East Valley
28Conversion Inversion14November 2004East Valley
29MXRACER993's Central City #114July 2009Front Range
30Cross Cut Cache14February 2004Tonto
31THREE PINES CACHE13June 2007Front Range
32Massacre? A cold case.13November 2007Tonto
33Mindawg's Yearling13June 2006Front Range
34We're not going to take it (Extended Remix)13January 2010Tonto
35Hicks Trail - North View13August 2009Front Range
36Fly Agaric13June 2007Front Range
37Tomahawk Cache13April 2010Tonto
38Bear View13September 2009Front Range
39Cherry Pie (Hicks Mountain)13August 2009Front Range
40Return to Sender12January 2003Tonto
41Lichen It A Lot12August 2006Front Range
42-TwoCs- Southern Exposure12August 2010Front Range
43Ghost 4 - American City12September 2003Front Range
44Lookie here!12August 2009Front Range
45The Sphinx12November 2006Tonto
46"Yep, It's Really Up There!"12December 2008Tonto
47Limber Pine Rock12September 2010Front Range
48Cottonwood Springs Cache12December 2006Tonto
49Chuck's Artist Cache #112June 2005Front Range
50Phone-a-Friend cache!12January 2010Tonto

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