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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Ranger Dale, ranked by current CP values.

1Tweedle Dum118September 2010Slickrock
2Duct Tape Envelope115October 2009Cedar
3Bare Valley Picnic83August 2008Cedar
4Let It Rock82February 2010Cedar
5Bush's Summit77October 2009Cedar
6Helicopter Please71November 2008Dixie
7Mesa's Edge Extreme: Gooseberry Point71November 2008Dixie
8Butte-iful View69November 2006Bonneville
9White Rock's69August 2005Cedar
10Stud pile68June 2004Cedar
11Not a Thru Street67September 2007Area 51
12Jack Cache67May 2008Cedar
13Canyon View65November 2010Grand Canyon
14Mesa's Edge - Mystery62October 2010Dixie
15Cherokee61February 2010Dixie
16Its all down hill from here!59May 2009Zion
17HC It's On!58September 2010Dixie
18I Saw, So Lease58April 2008Dixie
19The Cockscomb58January 2006Zion
20On The Edge58November 2010Grand Canyon
21First Peek57October 2009Cedar
22Honeymoon57September 2005Grand Canyon
23Riverside53July 2009Bonneville
24HIGH-land53June 2006Area 51
25Tweedle Dee52September 2009Slickrock
26Warm-up or Ala Carte52November 2010Grand Canyon
27Wilson Peak Cache52May 2009Cedar
28Declination Deviation51March 2010Cedar
29This Tops Them All50September 2007Area 51
30Box Cyn50June 2010Dixie
31Cottonwood Spring50July 2003Cedar
32Litterbug50November 2007Area 51
33Eagle Head Rock50August 2009Dixie
34Choke Cherry50September 2010Cedar
35Water Works that don't49June 2011Cedar
36A Place Where National Treasures Are Stored49March 2006Zion
37Somewhere Else Out There - Jump Canyon Summit49November 2010Grand Canyon
38Easter Cave Cache48October 2009Area 51
39Danger-fun area ahead48May 2009Cedar
40Pahcoon47November 2009Cedar
41Yellow-Bellied River Watcher46January 2009Grand Canyon
42D. O. A. - Washington County46December 2008Dixie
43ZYAL8ER45November 2009Dixie
44Other End of the Road...?45October 2009Zion
45HS Point45September 2006Zion
46Gold Fever45September 2010Area 51
47Oops, Turn Back45September 2007Area 51
48Who Lives In Here?45December 2007Area 51
49Dead Pilot's Society #144November 2008Zion
50Just Log It44June 2008Cedar

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