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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by bikephotog, ranked by current CP values.

1D. O. A. - Box Elder County307August 2011Cache
2D. O. A. - Summit County234August 2011Wasatch
3D. O. A. - Wasatch County234August 2011Wasatch
4The Ducey Stromatolite Locality226July 2009Western Slope
5Hell Of A Cache213July 2011Uinta
6See yous laters crocodile200June 2010Uinta
7Medieval Ode182August 2010Wasatch
8Blue Cache171August 2011Uinta
9First Class Compass Course159October 2009Uinta
10Rocky Point Emergency Cache157August 2010Cache
11Cachers Monument154August 2010Uinta
12Red Fleet Cache152October 2007Uinta
13Goblin City Cache150November 2009Uinta
14home sweet home150June 2011Uinta
15Sand Lake CCC141August 2010Uinta
16Yip Ya Cow Patty140April 2010Uinta
17Floating Tree136September 2010Uinta
18Hidden Pools136August 2010Uinta
19BPKiloCache136May 2010Uinta
20Tou Taco Tutu Tutu133May 2011Uinta
21R Tree131April 2011Uinta
22Electricfying131May 2010Uinta
23State of the union131May 2010Uinta
24Are You Nuts?130August 2010Uinta
25Johnny's Cache on the Outlaw Trail128December 2009Uinta
26A Long Haul Home128June 2010Uinta
27Ants in your pants128June 2010Uinta
28Cache with a view128October 2010Uinta
29Field of Dreams128June 2010Uinta
30Hungry Heart128August 2011Wasatch
31Sunflowers over Red Fleet128June 2010Uinta
32There is Beauty Everywhere128June 2010Uinta
33We've Only Just Begun128June 2010Uinta
34Down the lazy river125June 2010Uinta
35Up a lazy river125June 2010Uinta
36Meadow Muffins124April 2011Uinta
37Redneck Bathroom121August 2010Uinta
38Redneck Overlook121May 2011Uinta
39Redneck Recall121October 2010Uinta
40Slader Summit119June 2010Uinta
41Lumber Jack Fun117August 2010Uinta
42Cougar cache115October 2009Uinta
43Take a Walk cache115June 2010Uinta
44D. O. A. - Duchesne County111October 2010Uinta
45Dry Fork Arch111August 2007Uinta
46Grizzly Cache110July 2007Uinta
47Brute's Logan Canyon Overlook108August 2010Cache
48Camping Above Queant106July 2011Uinta
49Split Mountain Hideaway105September 2007Uinta
50Douglas Hoop105November 2009Uinta

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