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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Bonolo, ranked by current CP values.

1No Man's Mountain334September 2009San Rafael
2North Thunder242August 2011Wasatch
3Cliff Monster197July 2010Wasatch
4Medieval Ode182August 2010Wasatch
5Pride Rock165October 2010Wasatch
6Clerical Error - No Trail Cache164July 2010Wasatch
7No Mans Cache128November 2010Slickrock
8Traverse-Alpine Triangle122November 2010Wasatch
9Ruminant Springs: WF-100 Mile 92101October 2010Wasatch
108250'98November 2008Bonneville
11Fire Support98November 2007Bonneville
12Double Jeopardy83October 2010Wasatch
13View of 4 Lakes75September 2009Wasatch
14M&M"S IN TOY LAND74July 2009Wasatch
15Narcolepsy Crag74July 2009Wasatch
16Winter Quarters73November 2008Wasatch
17Moqui Micro72October 2010Slickrock
18Mining camp view69October 2010Slickrock
19Red Canyon View69October 2010Slickrock
20Saddle Cache69October 2010Slickrock
21Hell'n Moriah Kitchen67May 2009Bonneville
22Devil Sam's Castle66September 2011Wasatch
23Poison Dog Tooth Peak66July 2011Wasatch
24The Hound's Other Tooth63April 2008Wasatch
25Notch Peak Cache63May 2009Bonneville
26Tire in the Air61July 2010Wasatch
27South Thunder61August 2010Wasatch
28Stayin' Alive59October 2008Wasatch
29p-nut butter on the Mouth53March 2008Wasatch
30Deadly Monster View52July 2010Wasatch
31Corner Canyon Climb51April 2008Wasatch
32Pining for Evergreens48July 2008Wasatch
33Cliffhanger47October 2008Wasatch
34Prunus47November 2007Wasatch
35My pack is too light! - Need water!47May 2008Wasatch
36One Lump Or Two?47September 2011Wasatch
37Adams Canyon Abseil46April 2008Wasatch
38Lone Peak46July 2008Wasatch
39Lone Peak44July 2008Wasatch
40Utah Tropical Forest (on the way to Abby's Rescue)41May 2008Wasatch
41Lower Rung Cache40June 2008Wasatch
42Willow Notches - Long Legs Pickled40July 2008Wasatch
43Utah Jean the Power Within38August 2008Salt Lake City
44Red Canyon36October 2010Slickrock
45Copper Slopes Picnic Point35June 2008Wasatch
46Neon Canyon35July 2011Slickrock
47Stayin' Alive Too!35May 2008Wasatch
48M.C.H-ide34November 2010Wasatch
49Shoulder of the Storm34July 2009Wasatch
50The Return of Wolverine30July 2009Wasatch

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