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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by R-100-GS, ranked by current CP values.

1Canadian River Canyon Cache52July 2009High Plains
2Dot's Black Bear Cache45March 2006Sandia
3Search Pattern37January 2006Shiprock
4Trails End Almost26August 2008Sandia
5Agua Sarca Cache26May 2006Sandia
6Cienega Stopover25June 2005Sandia
7Vulcan's Forge24October 2006Albuquerque
8Equinox23December 2005Albuquerque
9Iron Horse Canyon23December 2005Sandia
10The Bathtub22February 2006Sandia
11Las Huertas Overlook22September 2005Sandia
12Campfire Peak Cache20September 2005Sandia
13Triangulation20August 2004Albuquerque
14The Desert Fox19August 2009Albuquerque
15WATER THE LAWN19August 2009Albuquerque
16TREE NANO19September 2008Sandia
17Up and Over East19November 2006Sandia
18Star Trek II - The Wrath of Helodriver18October 2004Albuquerque
19Sample Powder Cache #118January 2006Sandia
20Nook or Cranny18January 2006Sandia
21Campfire Hollow Cache18April 2006Sandia
22IN MEMORY OF DOLORES18January 2006Shiprock
23High Asp-irations17June 2009Sandia
24PIT STOP17June 2007Sandia
25Star Of The West Mesa17July 2005Albuquerque
26Dusk till Dawn17September 2008Albuquerque
27Incognito16February 2007Sandia
28Salty Dog16December 2005Sandia
29Little Wash16May 2007Sandia
30Canyon del Rio16October 2006Albuquerque
31Cerrillos del Coyote16April 2009White Sands
32QUADRANTS - A sense of Albuquerque - SW Suburban16March 2005Albuquerque
33BOJANGLES' WATER CACHE15August 2008Sandia
34Grandfather Cache15September 2005Sandia
35Looking at La Luz15October 2005Sandia
36Lost Treasure of the Tuerto15August 2006Sandia
37Why this trail?15May 2009Tonto
3818 Foot Gator14September 2006Sandia
39Arroyo del Tuerto14August 2006Sandia
40Downtown LL Cache14September 2006Albuquerque
41Sulking Teenager14December 2005Sandia
42George Has Gone Feral14September 2008Sandia
43Way out on the West Mesa13May 2008Albuquerque
44Moki's View13September 2007Sandia
45IS OSCAR HOME?13August 2009Albuquerque
46Sipapu Ridge13October 2004Shiprock
47Faulty CCC-Cache13February 2006Sandia
48Door Prize Cache13June 2006Shiprock
49Red Mountain13September 2004Albuquerque
50Oso Pass Cache12September 2006Sandia

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