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Cache Lists

All caches (with 10 or more CPs) found by rschnicker, ranked by current CP values.

1Spumoni46February 2008Front Range
2Amaretti at Tucker Mountain33February 2008Continental Divide
3Pizzelle32February 2008Continental Divide
4Taka Hashi29January 2008Denver
5Winter Park Tour28March 2007Front Range
6Tucker Mountain Freeride28February 2008Continental Divide
7Copper Freeride23February 2007Continental Divide
8Mary Jane Micro22January 2008Front Range
9Fondue22February 2008Front Range
10Mise en place20January 2008Continental Divide
11Granita18February 2008Front Range
12Winter Park Micro14January 2008Front Range
13It's Elementry13July 2006Denver
14Please To Remember The Fifth Of November12October 2007Denver
15URD Lineman's Cache12July 2008Continental Divide
16Buddy's Run12January 2010Continental Divide
17Lookin' at Goose Bridge11March 2007Denver
18Gimme A "C"11October 2007Denver
19Mary Jane Cache10January 2008Front Range
20Wheels-1 (A Walk on the Wild Side)10October 2008Denver

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