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Top 50 caches found by azduners, ranked by current CP values.

1Sombrero Beauty34November 2009Apache
2Vista Grande34September 2008Rim
3Chivo Falls33April 2011Apache
4Carpet Hill Cache31November 2009Apache
5A Dogs Find29July 2010Apache
6Hoo gives a Hoot27January 2011Ironwood
7Outlaw #726September 2009Rim
8Javelina Hunt Cache25January 2010Apache
9Arizona Trail - Beat Feet24June 2007Apache
10Sand Patty21April 2007Apache
11Arizona Cholla Challenge20January 2010Apache
12Dragoon Dilemma...Solved20November 2009Chiricahua
13Chiva Falls for the Fearless20July 2008Apache
14HACKERS19July 2009Tucson
15The Grassy Knoll18July 2009Chiricahua
16Lost Lake18June 2009Apache
17Royal Ceylon18January 2010Tonto
18JT's geocache18January 2009Salton Sea
19The Lone Ranger Geocache17October 2010Apache
20Hole in the Rock16November 2009Apache
22The Alamo's Kissing Cousin15June 2009Tucson
23Buggy Bobby15October 2010Apache
24Baby15October 2010Apache
25On the Road to the "Handicapper General"15November 2009Chiricahua
26Rat Stash #414July 2009Chiricahua
27Outlaw#214September 2009Apache
28JT's Pole Cache #314November 2010Salton Sea
29Rockman's Paradise14January 2011Ironwood
30Balke Cabin14May 2008Apache
31An Esperero Evening (revised!)14July 2010Tucson
32Sooner Quarry13January 2010Tonto
33Giddiup13October 2010Apache
34Remember the Alamo... in Tucson13April 2009Tucson
35Shady Cache13October 2006Salton Sea
36Earl Grey13January 2010Tonto
37After Breakfast Cache12October 2006Salton Sea
38Biosphere 2 Back Door Moved-Over12May 2009Ironwood
39Glamis J.S.J.12December 2010Salton Sea
40Break Time12December 2010Salton Sea
41Red Heart Ridge12January 2011Ironwood
42Sticker Town11December 2010Salton Sea
43Glamis -PushPullTowDragOrStackit, JustGetItHere!!!11December 2010Salton Sea
44Rat Stash #111October 2010Apache
45Rail-X #411January 2010Ironwood
46Rock Tank11January 2011Ironwood
47MELLISSAKARSTENCLAY11January 2009Salton Sea
48Three 10s11March 2010Ironwood
49Top Notch10April 2009Chiricahua
50Watch for cars10March 2010Apache

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