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Cache Lists

All caches (with 10 or more CPs) found by Box 1 & 2, ranked by current CP values.

1The Chile Line-Green Cache48October 2006Sangre de Cristo
2Eagle Eye Cache30November 2009Sangre de Cristo
3The Chile Line-Red Cache30October 2006Sangre de Cristo
4Santa Cruz Lake View28September 2010Sangre de Cristo
5Don't Fence Me In28August 2009San Juan
6Tres Piedras B and B Fixer Upper24September 2006Sangre de Cristo
7SFT, Point of Rocks, NM23October 2008High Plains
8Hole 8 Par 322August 2010Sangre de Cristo
9Turpentine22April 2010High Plains
10SUBLETTE STATION21June 2011Sangre de Cristo
11TAOS JUNCTION21April 2009Sangre de Cristo
12Costilla Fishing Hole21November 2010Sangre de Cristo
13Moki's Rio Costilla Cache20December 2010Sangre de Cristo
14Ten-Ring Circus19January 2010White Sands
15My Dream Cache17January 2010Albuquerque
16Crosses of NM--Can You Find Your Way to San Jose?17November 2010Sangre de Cristo
17CacheMath 20117January 2010White Sands
18Rio Grande Petroglyph's17September 2007San Juan
19Hopewell Hill17August 2007Sangre de Cristo
20ROOTS !!!16May 2010San Juan
21River Rat16April 2009Arkansas
22I've Lost My Mind15August 2010Sangre de Cristo
23Santa Fe Trail Mtn Rt Series Clue9 Trujillo Ranch15November 2010Sangre de Cristo
24coyote cache14January 2010White Sands
25York Canyon Road Cache14June 2009Sangre de Cristo
26The Patriotic Mason14July 2010Sangre de Cristo
27The Hamilton14August 2009Sandia
28The Virtual Event13July 2007Sangre de Cristo
29Almost to Rand13July 2008Sangre de Cristo
30Mission #22, Milky Way13August 2007Shiprock
31Old Town Cimarron NM Walking Tour13July 2009Sangre de Cristo
32Santa Fe Trail Mtn Route Series Bonus Clue13October 2010Sangre de Cristo
33Ciao Bella13October 2010Sangre de Cristo
34Cerro Piņon Views13July 2008Sangre de Cristo
35PACK YOUR TRASH13July 2010Sangre de Cristo
36The Hermit's Cache12September 2008San Juan
37Picture Perfect12May 2009Sangre de Cristo
38Rogers Area12March 2010High Plains
39CANJILON VIEW12August 2007Sangre de Cristo
40Walking the Dog11April 2010High Plains
41Zeb's Place11January 2011San Juan
42Santa Fe Trail Mtn Route Series Letterbox11October 2010Sangre de Cristo
43Williamsburg Park Cache11September 2010Pikes Peak
44Southside View11March 2010High Plains
45Colorado Spirit Quest-#187 The Cemetery11August 2007San Juan
46The Best Little Cache by a Dam Site10March 2010High Plains
47HYDE & SEEK10May 2010Sangre de Cristo

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