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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Jinxed95, ranked by current CP values.

1Singing Bugs113December 2008Lahontan
2Aurum88March 2011Great Basin
3Aspen Beauties62July 2010Great Basin
4Ghost Dance Ln55January 2011Lahontan
5Multi-Pull47November 2008Great Basin
6Get on the "Bus"47July 2010Great Basin
7Mat Tank Guzzler46July 2010Great Basin
8Winnemucca Whirlwind46July 2008Lahontan
9Board of Regents?43December 2007Lahontan
10Valley Look43June 2009Lahontan
11Observation Point40August 2007Lahontan
12Hoplophobe39November 2006Yucca
13Eagleville38December 2010Lahontan
14Just up looking38December 2010Lahontan
15Crackling Look38June 2009Lahontan
16" THE THREE PYRAMIDS CACHE"37September 2008Lahontan
17Sand Mountain Riders37April 2009Lahontan
18Shoshone Pass to Dixie Valley37August 2007Lahontan
19Hughes Canyon Corral36May 2010Lahontan
20Wildcat Station35May 2007Lahontan
21Rainbow's End35November 2007Lahontan
22Noland35January 2011Lahontan
23Way Through?34December 2007Lahontan
24Hunter or Hunted?34April 2007Great Basin
25Eagle's Rest34April 2007South Platte
26Our Convergence34September 2007Lahontan
275000 Foot Look33June 2009Lahontan
28Boundry Look33June 2009Lahontan
29Wonder where the cache is? Part II32February 2009Lahontan
30Cement Canyon32September 2007Lahontan
31False Nuke32September 2007Lahontan
32Pole Line Road - Salty32September 2007Lahontan
33Layered32May 2007Lahontan
34Schurz/Calico Hills Vista31July 2007Lahontan
35Sand Mountain Challenge30April 2009Lahontan
36Belongaboog Kid Cache30July 2007Lahontan
37Pony Express Ride30August 2007Lahontan
38Hawk Rock29October 2008Lahontan
39Squirly29December 2009Great Basin
40Hughes Canyon Cabin29May 2010Lahontan
41Tale Of The Tape27January 2011Lahontan
42Stone House Immaculate27March 2011Great Basin
43Davey Town Rocky Mtns.27May 2009Lahontan
44Rocky cache26December 2010Lahontan
45FST: 4 or 5 Crazy Guys Re-Release26September 2008Lahontan
46High View26March 2010Lahontan
47Suffering26April 2011Lahontan
481963 Bus Stop?26May 2009Lahontan
49Illy Timed26July 2010Great Basin
50"Coffee Bean 3"26February 2009Lahontan

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