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Top 50 caches found by TeamSnook, ranked by current CP values.

1hot creek - the view's a butte31June 2010Great Basin
2Hot Stuff Near Bristol21June 2010Area 51
3Walkabout21May 2010Area 51
4Avenue of Aspens21June 2009Pikes Peak
5Maeser Mural20March 2011Provo
6A Gold Butte Ravine19May 2010Area 51
7Marter Clan Cache17May 2010Area 51
8Barrel of fun16May 2010Area 51
9Pile of Rocks16May 2010Area 51
10Wider than Tall16April 2011Provo
11Colorado Spirit Quest #263 - Sam Messersmith Grav16May 2010Arkansas
12Highland Flat16June 2010Area 51
13Elkhorn Delight15June 2009Pikes Peak
14Theo Lady15April 2011Salt Lake City
15Stone Cold15April 2011Provo
16Goin' to the Artesian Well15May 2010Slickrock
17Wet Mountains: Floor-a and fawn-a14May 2010Pikes Peak
18Lowland Flat14June 2010Area 51
19is the juice worth the squeeze?14April 2011Provo
20Carp13May 2010Area 51
21Area 24 UFO Crash Cache Site 413May 2010Slickrock
22BUD d holly13April 2011Provo
23Table Top Blvd.13June 2010Yucca
24PAY YOUR RESPECTS13March 2011Zion
25Jug and Tank13May 2010Slickrock
26Red Roof In13May 2010Area 51
27A Butte iful Cache13May 2010Area 51
28OXIDOR12June 2010Area 51
29Boxcar Nano12March 2011Cedar
30LINCOLN MINE STA. NO. 1412June 2010Area 51
31Bridge Over The Mother Grouse12April 2011Wasatch
32Point me to Pan-Am11June 2010Area 51
33Road, Road, Who's got the road?11May 2010Area 51
34Timp View11April 2011Provo
35Lake Road11April 2011Provo
36Sandy Corral11May 2010Area 51
37High Voltage11May 2010Area 51
38Always remember your "Honey"11June 2010Yucca
39Serviceberry Hollow11April 2011Wasatch
40Entirely Fraudulent11March 2011Cedar
41Something Broke Back Here.11March 2011Zion
42There's a Beach, check out the surfer10April 2011Provo
43Lone Tree10May 2010Area 51
44GROW IT, PICK IT, COOL IT, PACK IT, SHIP IT10February 2011Salton Sea
45Squirrel Haven10March 2011Zion
46Backside of West10April 2011Provo
47Upper Sand Cove Outlet10May 2010Cedar
48Down on Maine St.10April 2008Roswell
49Gold Butte10May 2010Area 51
50Colorado Spirit Quest #262 - Dudley10May 2010Arkansas

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