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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Arizona Ranger Team, ranked by current CP values.

1west peak gap261April 2010Yuma
2el hoyo que riega150May 2010Heiroglyphic
3Mundo Perdido109March 2009Chiricahua
4It's Not Easy97January 2008Mojave
5Peak above Bellota Canyon93February 2010Chiricahua
6Mc Coy Mountain92March 2009Mojave
7Montaña Peak86February 2009Chiricahua
8Bartolo Mountain80March 2011Chiricahua
9Cliff Hanger 179March 2007East Valley
10Arizona Elbow View Parking76February 2008Chiricahua
11Hell's Hole Cache75September 2007Tonto
1211573March 2010Chiricahua
13Baldy Challenge71September 2010Rim
14Hells Gate71February 2009Chiricahua
15Tumacacori Listening Point70December 2006Chiricahua
16Juniper Flat's Peak70April 2010Chiricahua
17Cathedral Rock69February 2011Tonto
18Part of Saddam's Treasure...in Arizona68January 2009Apache
19Gilligan's Island68May 2008Tonto
20tamarisk #168November 2007Salton Sea
21Hard Rock Mining Company #267December 2006Salton Sea
22Cliff Hanger 267June 2009Rim
23Mount Washington66March 2010Chiricahua
24AZ Tekno Gecko65July 2006Tonto
25Dr. Mouer's Love Puzzle 365May 2010Tonto
26Arizona Well Rounded Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)64December 2008Yavapai
27Lime Creek Cache64February 2005Tonto
28Barking up the Burnt Tree64May 2010Apache
29Yu-Gi-Oh Rock Box64May 2010Apache
30Atascosa Peak63February 2006Chiricahua
31Almost San Domingo Wash63August 2008Heiroglyphic
32Basset Peak63January 2006Apache
33Sycamore63February 2007Tonto
34Arizona Benchmark Challenge-Dedicated63June 2011Tonto
35Highway 666!63August 2005Apache
36Fraguita Peak63February 2010Chiricahua
37Cabeza Cache62March 2010Yuma
38Traditional Cache Challenge - 15062March 2011Heiroglyphic
39It's Elemental: The Final Element61May 2009Yavapai
40Sycamore Mesa61May 2009Yavapai
41Chalk Mountain Cache60August 2008Tonto
42GIGANTIC SAGUARO59June 2009Tonto
43Orocopia59November 2007Salton Sea
44Psycho58April 2011Tonto
45Red Canyon 4x458November 2007Salton Sea
46Above the BCT #558March 2011Heiroglyphic
47Lime Creek Springs58December 2006Tonto
48Fifteenth Surprise, "Genome"58April 2008Heiroglyphic
49DRIV'IN ME BANANAS57December 2010Tonto
50Walker Canyon in AZ57April 2010Chiricahua

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