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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by mondou2, ranked by current CP values.

1CO Midland "telegraph path" cache60September 2006Continental Divide
2Rainbow Lakes43August 2009Front Range
3Mt.Top Cache42August 2003Front Range
4The Waring Norrie Colony Chinatown Cache42September 2006Continental Divide
5Your datum or mine?41April 2007Denver
6Nice View from nowhere37June 2003San Rafael
7Rodgers Mine #136June 2010Front Range
810-5036August 2005Denver
9Cinco de Saxo35June 2005Pikes Peak
10Meadow Creek Reservoir Point35August 2003Front Range
114x4 5-Santa Fe Peak35September 2007Continental Divide
12Abyss Cash Cache34July 2003Front Range
13Cabin Door34August 2003Front Range
14Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie (Guanella Pass)32September 2009Front Range
15To Catch a Thief 232September 2005South Platte
16Almost Okie Cache32September 2006Arkansas
17Hope This Pans Out32July 2011Front Range
18WRANGLER # 231July 2006Fishlake
19A View On A Hill 330June 2010Front Range
20Forgotten Kingdom Treasures30August 2003Front Range
21Lovers Rock29September 2006Arkansas
22Chicken 5: Rhode Island Red @ 10,000 feet29September 2009Front Range
23Wow!29July 2011Front Range
24Remembering29August 2006Front Range
25Leaping from a Burro's Saddle29July 2004San Juan
26To Catch a Thief 329October 2005South Platte
27Soapweed28March 2007Arkansas
28To Catch a Thief 128August 2005South Platte
29Colorado DeLorme Challenge28March 2007Denver
30Rockpile Revenge28November 2007New Belgium
31Dos Lagos27September 2006Continental Divide
32Gore Canyon Geocache27September 2004Continental Divide
33We'll be home after Church27May 2006South Platte
34Beary Special27November 2008Front Range
35Peak's View27July 2006Front Range
364x4 15-Peewink Mt.27June 2010Front Range
37Too Far, Too Rough26July 2006Front Range
38The Milk Can Cache26December 2006Hualapai
39Cash Cache26June 2006Uinta
40Ramble On25June 2002Yucca
41RM ORS #08-08: A Cirrious Situation25July 2011Front Range
42Chicken 7: Blue Hen of Delaware (Boom town)25September 2009Front Range
43"GOT SUGAR"25September 2011Mojave
444x4 7-Mountain Goat Cache25August 2006Front Range
45Worth the Walk24September 2007Front Range
46Light My Fire 224July 2010Front Range
47RM ORS #09-03: Home Sweet Home24September 2008Continental Divide
48usmorrows summer vacation24September 2006Continental Divide
49A Bear Valley Puzzler24April 2006Denver
50Leyla's Red Rock Vista24June 2005Pikes Peak

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