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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by afudc, ranked by current CP values.

1Mountain Sheep Point206September 2011San Juan
2Nameless Mountain139April 2011Apache
3Wood Camp139February 2011Apache
4Cracked Rocks Peak108December 2010Chiricahua
5Panther Canyon Abode107January 2011Trans-Pecos
6DIFFICULTY MATTERS #591September 2011Shiprock
7Escondido (Hidden) Mountain86May 2011Mogollon
8Gila Butte - NM Beauty84September 2011Mogollon
9WJ Cathey81February 2011Trans-Pecos
10French Joe Peak78February 2011Chiricahua
11Samaniego74April 2011Apache
12Native American Woman Peak73May 2011Chiricahua
1311573February 2011Chiricahua
14Namesake67April 2011Apache
15Polaris67March 2011Apache
16Two Oaks66July 2011Chiricahua
17Mount Washington66December 2010Chiricahua
18Stonewhet Saddle63February 2011Chiricahua
19Highway 666!63April 2011Apache
20Bootheel Bonanza: Pyramid Peak62May 2011Mogollon
21Guadalupe View62August 2011White Sands
22Granite Peak Summit62May 2010Chiricahua
23San Cayetano Peak61April 2011Chiricahua
24San Cayetano Top Hop61April 2011Chiricahua
25Spring Canyon Cache60September 2011Mogollon
26Heidi's Hide59May 2011Mogollon
27The Highest Point in all the Land (of Eddy)58August 2011White Sands
28El Caso Tower56May 2011Mogollon
29Tia Juana Ridge56May 2011Chiricahua
30No Mas Camino56January 2011Chiricahua
31Christmas Trip Cache54January 2011Trans-Pecos
32Bootheel Bonanza: The CDT53May 2011Mogollon
33Ascent of Kaidoz53March 2011Chiricahua
34Miner's Cabin at Silverheels53September 2011Continental Divide
35American Peak53February 2011Chiricahua
36Hop-a-Lope53September 2011Uinta
37East Peak52December 2010Chiricahua
38Bootheel Bonanza: Granite Peak52July 2011Mogollon
39The Dome51July 2010Chiricahua
40Slavin Gulch/Abril Mine51February 2010Chiricahua
41Guajalote Peak50January 2011Chiricahua
42KEN.5550May 2010Chiricahua
43It's Time To Play #249September 2011South Platte
44Apache Peak Cakewalk49February 2011Chiricahua
45Yucca Field49April 2011Chiricahua
46Guadalupe Trails48August 2011Trans-Pecos
47Nerd Got Lost47May 2011Apache
48C647November 2010Chiricahua
49Mine Field47May 2011Chiricahua
50Ajax Hill46December 2010Chiricahua

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