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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by imcasey, ranked by current CP values.

1A Walk In The Woods131July 2008Western Slope
2four mile creek cache113March 2007Western Slope
3Coulter's Callin'82May 2010Western Slope
4Ute Trail III: 'BisonHeart'61July 2010Western Slope
5Team 549October 2006Western Slope
6Bear Country Cache48July 2007Western Slope
7Team 344October 2006Western Slope
8French Creek Folly43June 2008Western Slope
9Ute Trail II: 'Grizzly Tops'38July 2010Western Slope
10Ave Fork35September 2007Continental Divide
11Deep Lake #235August 2008Western Slope
12South Canyon North33June 2008Western Slope
13Stoney Ridge Park29August 2011Western Slope
14Glenwood Canyon Waterworks29June 2008Western Slope
15New Castle Drive-Out-of-the-Way29June 2008Western Slope
16Over the Gap29September 2007Western Slope
17Kimball's Old Place29August 2008Western Slope
183 - 39's, The Divide Creek Road Intersection28May 2010Western Slope
19Bumgardner Flats25July 2008Western Slope
20Battlement Creek School Bus Stop25June 2010Western Slope
21Stand 1 - T5624June 2010Western Slope
22Cowtop23May 2010Western Slope
23Mamm Creek21August 2006Western Slope
24JQS21April 2007Western Slope
25Freeman Cache21May 2007Western Slope
26Deep Lake21August 2008Western Slope
27Rig #JSB on Dozer Line Ridge21June 2008Western Slope
28Conn Creek Cache20May 2007Western Slope
29Crossing Ivanhoe20September 2010Continental Divide
30Woody Boy19November 2007Western Slope
31Predator Pond19July 2008Western Slope
32Coffee Pot Spring19June 2007Western Slope
33Topping Out on Cow Creek Road19May 2010Western Slope
34Lizard Lookout18August 2008Western Slope
35Thanks to the 14 & One18June 2009Western Slope
36Stand 2 - The Cattle Guard18June 2010Western Slope
37Respecting Private Property17May 2010Western Slope
38East Elk Creek Cache17August 2008Western Slope
39Project Rulison17June 2010Western Slope
40Mt. Medaris17April 2011Western Slope
41Bobcat16June 2010Western Slope
42Three Forks16June 2011Western Slope
43Wapiti Park16July 2008Western Slope
44A Bridge Too Far16August 2008Western Slope
45Size Matters #316May 2011Western Slope
46Rifle Arch View Cache15April 2006Western Slope
47CoalbyCanyonCliff Cache15August 2010Western Slope
48Beaver's Bath Tubs15July 2008Western Slope
49TTR50-615August 2008Western Slope
50Land Trust #114January 2011Western Slope

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