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Top 50 caches found by Zuni Kid, ranked by current CP values.

1D.O.C. Rio Arriba County Challenge111August 2009Shiprock
2DESCANSO102June 2011Shiprock
3Wrong Way Moki78July 2009Sangre de Cristo
4Multivirgatus Hill76April 2006Shiprock
5BeenStruck74August 2009Sangre de Cristo
6D.O.C. Challenge McKinley county, NM74July 2009Shiprock
7HIGH WAY FROM HADES68November 2009Sangre de Cristo
8Igloo67January 2005Sangre de Cristo
9OJO DE LOS INDIOS67September 2009Shiprock
10Abajo Trail66June 2010Slickrock
11JOB SITE #166June 2010Shiprock
12ROSA BIRD65June 2010Shiprock
13Don Quixote64June 2010Slickrock
14View of North Cottonwood64June 2010Slickrock
15Roaring 20's62April 2008Sangre de Cristo
16Nicky's Cache Redux60May 2009Mogollon
17El Caso Tower56April 2009Mogollon
18D.O.C. Jemez Mountains Challenge56June 2009Sangre de Cristo
19LOST CACHE OF THE JEMEZ54August 2008Sangre de Cristo
20HIGH ON THE CDT53October 2010Shiprock
21Ramparts Overlook53April 2009Sangre de Cristo
22Dino Dump52October 2010Slickrock
23The Crevasse52April 2010Shiprock
24Big Canyon ATV Adventure51October 2010Slickrock
25Logging Camp Cache51June 2004Sangre de Cristo
26River's Bend50October 2005Sangre de Cristo
27Indian Post Office50May 2009Mogollon
28Canadian Escarpment Cache50October 2009High Plains
29GeoTalkTooMuch49October 2009Mogollon
30POOH BEAR49September 2004Sangre de Cristo
31I soar, I am a hawk!48December 2010Shiprock
32LA BELLE COMANCHE48June 2011Sangre de Cristo
33Tanner Lake48July 2009Shiprock
34Cruces Basin Cache48August 2009Sangre de Cristo
35Mt. Chinbone48August 2009Sangre de Cristo
36Blue Mesa Overlook48April 2009Shiprock
37Stumped at Sparks48September 2007Sangre de Cristo
38Bigga47June 2010Slickrock
39Palmer Flat Brown Box47June 2010Slickrock
40Falls-O-Love47June 2008Sangre de Cristo
41Rancho de la Canada46May 2004Sangre de Cristo
42Hawk's Nest46June 2010Mogollon
43Hollow Point45January 2010Mogollon
44Harts Point Well44September 2008Slickrock
45D.O.C. Challenge Cibola County,NM44July 2009Shiprock
46HEAR THE WIND BLOW!44June 2004Sangre de Cristo
47Awesome44June 2010Slickrock
48Pinon Pickin' Cache43October 2004Shiprock
494x4 Lunch43July 2008Sangre de Cristo
50New Mexico Virtual Challenge42April 2010White Sands

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