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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Fork L Man, ranked by current CP values.

1Weekender Cache 2004117August 2005Continental Divide
2Jumbo View52July 2006Western Slope
3Colorado Spirit Quest #245 - Glen51September 2009South Platte
4Dave's crash cache48April 2007Slickrock
54x4 4-Jones Pass47August 2004Continental Divide
6The White Wagon's 1st 4x4 Hide46July 2010Front Range
7Rainbow Lakes43August 2009Front Range
8Point of Interest43October 2004Western Slope
9I Tell42August 2004Continental Divide
10Mt.Top Cache42September 2004Front Range
11Mondo's Arapaho Spot36October 2007Front Range
124x4 5-Santa Fe Peak35July 2004Continental Divide
13Green Mountain - Trail 71933July 2004Western Slope
14Notch Road / Lucky Dog33October 2004Western Slope
15Cal-Wood33October 2008Front Range
16Jack Rabbit Oasis31May 2006Fishlake
17A View On A Hill 330May 2008Front Range
18Lone Star Rock30October 2007Slickrock
19Corey's Safari II My Friends30April 2003New Belgium
20Keep On Truckin - Broomfield30November 2008New Belgium
21Pete Plainsman30August 2009South Platte
22Mondo's Star #1430April 2008Denver
23Paulina Carabina29October 2004Western Slope
24Colorado Spirit Quest #285 - Abbott Cemetery29September 2009South Platte
25Pass Creek29July 2011Continental Divide
26View from Dry Mesa28September 2004Western Slope
27Mondo's Arapaho Fork28October 2007Front Range
28Rockpile Revenge28November 2007New Belgium
29Dos Lagos27July 2005Continental Divide
30Lamb School27February 2006Front Range
31Beary Special27August 2009Front Range
32Peak's View27June 2004Front Range
334x4 15-Peewink Mt.27November 2007Front Range
34Tootsie in a Crux Cache "Revised"27August 2006Front Range
35Too Far, Too Rough26August 2004Front Range
36Colorado Spirit Quest #215 - Evangelical Lutheran26September 2009South Platte
37Colorado Spirit Quest #229 - Pleasant Valley26September 2009South Platte
38All Cracked Up26July 2006Western Slope
39Ute Trail Overlook26June 2003Western Slope
40X941626July 2005Front Range
41Colorado Spirit Quest #284 - Lee Cemetery26September 2009South Platte
42Mondo's Star #1825April 2008Denver
43Sovereign Merrimac View25October 2008Slickrock
44Mondo's Allenspark Cache25May 2008Front Range
454x4 7-Mountain Goat Cache25August 2004Front Range
46Hamlet24April 2008Denver
47Mondo's 7k Cache24August 2006Front Range
48usmorrows summer vacation24July 2005Continental Divide
49Eleven-mile cache24September 2002Pikes Peak
50Tam's Treasures24August 2005Western Slope

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