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Top 50 caches found by Lord Mot, ranked by current CP values.

1Fexx06 Puzzle Cache435November 2007Wasatch
2Drol Tom167June 2008Bonneville
3161-367-3-187163May 2010Provo
4Rangu, Samuri Warrior!112May 2007Wasatch
5Beach Parcheesi108March 2007Wasatch
6A puzzle cache for AD0OR/MacGyver90April 2010Provo
7Tomato Juice88March 2008Ogden
8Potato Juice86May 2008Ogden
9Who is operating this anyway83April 2008Wasatch
10Searchn' the Archives81August 2007Wasatch
11Brute's Ophir Overlook76August 2009Bonneville
12The Evil Doctor's Revenge75May 2008Provo
13A Muddy March through the Marsh to the Moon75January 2011Ogden
14Clue Visit73April 2010Ogden
15A Door70October 2009Provo
16"For Love Or Money" ( MacGyver Cache # 44 )69November 2008Provo
17Vincents Jetski68June 2007Salt Lake City
18Angus likes cheeseballs too59December 2007Provo
19Udash 4-UUF59March 2010Bonneville
20Yuri Orlov58May 2008Provo
2141-6a-902 UCA57September 2009Uinta
22Educational Enigma57March 2010Salt Lake City
23Wired Nuts55April 2008Wasatch
24--Ancient Caches of Utah Challenge--55October 2010Provo
25Soup in my Thermos54September 2009Wasatch
26Brute's Pucker Factor54July 2009Wasatch
27For Rindalyn52January 2007Wasatch
28Well Rounded Davis County50March 2011Salt Lake City
29Jeep Quiz #250August 2011Salt Lake City
30Geocaching World Tour49August 2008Provo
31Prune Juice49April 2008Ogden
32Good Knight MacGyver (1) ( MacGyver Cache # 132 )48January 2008Provo
33What the.....48February 2007Salt Lake City
34Rock Creek Crusher47September 2009Uinta
35The Terrain 4.5 Mini Challenge47August 2011Wasatch
36Geocadet's Farewell45March 2007Wasatch
37Puzzle for Pokernut45May 2008Wasatch
38Computer Geek45March 2009Provo
39South Side of Baer Canyon44October 2009Wasatch
407344July 2009Wasatch
41Read Between the Lines44June 2007Provo
42Da DeViDe Code44May 2007Wasatch
43Chust for Nice43April 2007Wasatch
44Fun With Quarters42August 2009Salt Lake City
45Out of the Wilderness we come42March 2008Wasatch
46Ugh!...not another Pesky Cache!42May 2010Wasatch
47Euphrates42May 2008Wasatch
48Think Tall42May 2008Wasatch
49Fish Fry!41September 2007Wasatch
50Chukar Partridge41March 2007Salt Lake City

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