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Top 50 caches found by DrJay, ranked by current CP values.

1Black & White149March 2010Provo
2Dream Weaver110August 2010Wasatch
3Mollies Nipple105August 2008Wasatch
4Bush 10199September 2010Wasatch
5Don't Trust Me98October 2010Wasatch
6If I Had You97September 2010Provo
7Knock You Down95October 2010Wasatch
8Flat Tire Cache85June 2011Wasatch
9Who is operating this anyway83June 2007Wasatch
10Texas Micro in a Small Pine Tree83June 2008Bonneville
11Dr. Jay where am I ?80August 2008Provo
12Natalie's Cache78July 2008Wasatch
13"For Love Or Money" ( MacGyver Cache # 44 )69May 2008Provo
14Fox Peak68November 2006Wasatch
15Jon's Fort67May 2008Wasatch
16Timberline66June 2008Wasatch
17Benchmark: LO0794 " 5 12 A "64November 2007Provo
18Chair Mountain64October 2010Wasatch
19Why did we come here again?64October 2010Wasatch
20Wintering Elk64August 2008Wasatch
21Attack of the Grasshoppers61August 2008Wasatch
22Maple Mountain Multi60July 2006Wasatch
23Pinetree Campsite59October 2008Wasatch
24Cowgirl Ruth's Cache57April 2011Wasatch
25Alpine Water Tank57July 2010Wasatch
26PumpHouse Mountain56August 2010Wasatch
27Skinny Dipper Lookout56August 2010Bonneville
28The Widowmaker ( MacGyver Cache # 52 )56September 2006Wasatch
29Water56August 2010Wasatch
30River Octopus54August 2010Wasatch
31Thank You Nebo Area Cachers54August 2010Wasatch
32Five Minutes to Midnight53September 2010Wasatch
33Drenched53August 2010Wasatch
34Roots and Rocks53August 2010Wasatch
35Elevation Bands Challenge52July 2008Wasatch
36All I Want for Christmas Is You52September 2010Wasatch
37Ahh Gnats!52August 2008Wasatch
38The Fishing Hole51September 2010Wasatch
39I Lost My Lunch49April 2008Bonneville
40Farting Tree48September 2010Wasatch
41Need an Aspen?48August 2011Sanpete
42Suddenly I See48October 2010Wasatch
43Beer Goggles47October 2010Wasatch
44Cutoff Trail47October 2010Wasatch
45Maple Lake46July 2006Wasatch
46Ruth Cache45April 2011Wasatch
47Computer Geek45July 2008Provo
48Behind Y Mountain44June 2007Wasatch
49West Mountain43September 2008Provo
50Lucky Tree Cache43September 2008Provo

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