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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by cyclegreen, ranked by current CP values.

1New Mexico Fizzy Challenge129May 2009White Sands
2New Mexico DeLorme Challenge93July 2010Shiprock
3Stable Mesa Arches85November 2010Sangre de Cristo
4Mountaintop Suprise84June 2010Sangre de Cristo
59 at 9 Cache82August 2007Sandia
6Cerro Picacho by Team Cheesy Goats (aka Troop 209)79October 2008Sangre de Cristo
7Wrong Way Moki78June 2010Sangre de Cristo
8Multivirgatus Hill76October 2009Shiprock
9BeenStruck74May 2010Sangre de Cristo
10Harold's Cache74July 2009Shiprock
11QUADRANTS - Overlooks - SE Wilderness - Summer73July 2007Roswell
12Pea Vine Cache73April 2009Slickrock
13Scrub Oak Hell71March 2008Mogollon
14HIGH WAY FROM HADES68September 2008Sangre de Cristo
15Anderson's Cache68March 2008Mogollon
16Bosque Peak68September 2007Sandia
17TresHuntersMass Cache68December 2008Mogollon
18Igloo67June 2008Sangre de Cristo
19Cliff Hanger 267April 2009Rim
20Hamilton Mesa Geocache66September 2010Sangre de Cristo
21QUADRANTS - Overlooks - SE Wilderness - Winter64September 2007Roswell
22Vista del La Sotella64September 2009Sangre de Cristo
23Penas Negras Trail64July 2010Sangre de Cristo
24Down in the Valley64February 2008White Sands
25Aspen Sunrise64July 2010Sangre de Cristo
26North Of Osha Peak63November 2009Sandia
27BIG COUNTRY62March 2011Shiprock
28Roaring 20's62June 2008Sangre de Cristo
2910,000 feet62September 2010Sangre de Cristo
30Primitive Living61February 2008Roswell
31Shake, Rattle & Roll AKA Pick-up Sticks60November 2007Sangre de Cristo
32Chimney rock Lookout60February 2009White Sands
33Fred Hermanos59October 2008Sangre de Cristo
34Purdy View59June 2008Sangre de Cristo
35San Pedro Cabin59July 2010Sangre de Cristo
36October Challenge59June 2011Shiprock
37Campsite57February 2010Roswell
38El Conquistador57January 2006Sangre de Cristo
39Rio en Medio Trail57September 2007Sangre de Cristo
40Point of no return56July 2010Sangre de Cristo
41D.O.C. Jemez Mountains Challenge56January 2011Sangre de Cristo
42Chelly's Peak56June 2010San Juan
43QUADRANTS - Overlooks - SW Wilderness - Winter55January 2006Mogollon
44PAF Cache54December 2009High Plains
45Box Top54July 2011Mogollon
46LOST CACHE OF THE JEMEZ54November 2010Sangre de Cristo
47QUADRANTS - Overlooks - SW Wilderness - Summer54January 2008Mogollon
48Sugarloaf Stash Cache53March 2008Mogollon
49HIGH ON THE CDT53October 2010Shiprock
50Stewart Peak53November 2009Mogollon

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