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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by sassydil, ranked by current CP values.

1Cataract Ranch125August 2010Continental Divide
2Rabbit Creek View113August 2010Front Range
3Babbling Brook and JPIT Hook113July 2011Front Range
4Silver Creek112August 2010Front Range
5North Rock Creek110August 2010Continental Divide
6Crannies97July 2010Front Range
7Remember your roots97October 2008Front Range
8Boulder Creek90August 2010Front Range
9I am JoJo79September 2008Continental Divide
10Bring a Picnic #276September 2010Continental Divide
11Nooks73October 2008Front Range
12Valley View Vista61September 2010Continental Divide
13above the falls61September 2010Continental Divide
14Stillwater 261August 2010Continental Divide
15Another Continental Divide Cache60August 2011Continental Divide
16Near Kokopelli's Sauna58August 2009Continental Divide
17Goose Creek Rocks57July 2011Pikes Peak
18Colorado River Valley55July 2010Continental Divide
19skialamo54February 2010Continental Divide
20Andrews Glacier54August 2009Front Range
21Andrews Tarn54August 2009Front Range
22The Dragonfly's Tail53July 2009Pikes Peak
23Miner's Cabin at Silverheels53July 2008Continental Divide
24Cetacean (whale) cache53July 2006Continental Divide
25First Or Last Wall50September 2010Front Range
26Little Knoll50September 2010Front Range
27Woodpecker's Delight50September 2010Front Range
28protected by the wind50September 2010Front Range
29EdFredO Waterfall Cache50August 2010Continental Divide
30Sophie's Stash49September 2009Continental Divide
314x4 4-Jones Pass47September 2007Continental Divide
32An Eagle Soars47July 2011Front Range
33Blue Valley Overlook46July 2010Continental Divide
34Ed's Thinkin' Spot46August 2008Front Range
35CDT Rollins Pass45August 2008Front Range
36Cave Creek Beaver Ponds45August 2009Continental Divide
37Where East meets West45July 2008Front Range
38Crystal Cliffs45August 2008Continental Divide
39Mountain Boarding with Cub Boy45September 2008Continental Divide
40Buffalo - Goats43July 2010Continental Divide
41Castle's Back Door43June 2011Pikes Peak
42Trout Perch43May 2009Front Range
43Reservoir-3: A Rocky Slope43June 2010Denver
44Phebe42June 2010Front Range
45Headwaters of the Colorado River42July 2010Front Range
46Maxwell's View41June 2009Front Range
47Sport's Ptarmigan Peak41June 2010Continental Divide
48Sport's Shelter Stash41June 2010Continental Divide
49DragonFly Meadow41July 2009Pikes Peak
50Mondo's Rock Top40November 2008Front Range

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