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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by ZerŲ, ranked by current CP values.

1D. O. A. - Garfield County240May 2011Zion
2Capsize Rapids Overlook133May 2011Slickrock
3D. O. A. - Kane County120October 2009Zion
4Pine Lake107July 2010Fishlake
5Main Canyon Spring99August 2008Cedar
6Old Tank94June 2011Cedar
7Bare Valley Picnic83August 2008Cedar
8Hoodoo Throne82October 2010Zion
9Doss Cache81May 2010Zion
10D. O. A. - Beaver County81August 2010Cedar
11Tic Tac Toe81April 2011Zion
12Wildflowers80October 2010Zion
13Top of Rocky76March 2007Cedar
1450 Mile Bench75October 2009Slickrock
15"Spikey 24"74September 2010Cedar
16Bearskin Cache71May 2010Cedar
17Helicopter Please71August 2009Dixie
18Mesa's Edge Extreme: Gooseberry Point71August 2009Dixie
19The Long, Long, Long Ridge69August 2008Cedar
20White Rock's69July 2006Cedar
21Rappelling Benson Creek69September 2009Zion
2238 Special68April 2008Zion
23Stud pile68April 2008Cedar
24Arrow Canyon Range67January 2011Area 51
25A Bermuda Triangle?66June 2010Zion
26Little Belknap (wanna be)66August 2010Fishlake
27Big Water66October 2007Cedar
28Rim of Red Butte66October 2007Cedar
29Mesa's Edge - Mystery62March 2010Dixie
30Camilla's cave62June 2010Cedar
31Thunder Ridge Geo462June 2010Zion
32Thunder Ridge Geo562July 2010Zion
33Cotton Mouth On Cottonwood!60July 2010Zion
34Its all down hill from here!59May 2011Zion
35HC It's On!58September 2010Dixie
36"GET" The Point?58July 2010Cedar
37"Indian Peak"58July 2010Cedar
38On The Edge58January 2010Grand Canyon
39The Frog Rock58February 2007Cedar
40South Fork of the Beaver River56September 2010Fishlake
41"Takers"56June 2011Cedar
42Over the river and through the scrub oak...56August 2010Sanpete
43Little Gnarly Trail54August 2010Zion
44Slice of Pie? Piece of Cake! Chocolate Dipped.54February 2011Area 51
45Slice of Pie? Piece of Cake! Bonehead.54January 2011Zion
46Adobe steps54May 2010Zion
47Aspen Spring53August 2010Cedar
48jensen cache52June 2010Fishlake
49Tweedle Dee52April 2011Slickrock
50Anderson Valley Cabin52August 2008Cedar

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