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Top 50 caches found by weeds19, ranked by current CP values.

1Arches204March 2009Apache
2See yous laters crocodile200September 2011Uinta
3Clay Hills196October 2010Slickrock
4Medieval Ode182September 2011Wasatch
5Madrone153August 2009Apache
6The Second Highest Peak in New Mexico152June 2007Sangre de Cristo
7Crevice II150October 2010Slickrock
8Winchester146March 2009Apache
9HJP146January 2010Apache
10The accident145July 2009San Juan
11Wood Camp139December 2008Apache
12Beehive Peak138September 2010Fishlake
13Blackjack Point134March 2010Apache
14Capsize Rapids Overlook133May 2009Slickrock
15MDV127November 2009Yuma
16Table Mountain123March 2008Apache
17Slader Summit119September 2011Uinta
18Fisher Mesa Cache118March 2009Slickrock
19Sugarloaf Peak108November 2008White Sands
20Conejossam's 2nd Puzzle Cache106July 2009San Juan
21Sister Superior105September 2010Slickrock
22Middle Saddle104April 2009Tonto
23The Wedge103January 2009White Sands
24Ruminant Springs: WF-100 Mile 92101September 2011Wasatch
25Top of Slaters Ridge101September 2011Uinta
26Cache with a view100September 2011Wasatch
27Alligator King98May 2008Mogollon
28Rocks and Alligators96June 2007Mogollon
29Stink Pig Peak96March 2009Apache
30Codes 8: Talavera Overlook92January 2008White Sands
31Mc Coy Mountain92November 2009Mojave
32Great Western Trail88October 2010Fishlake
33Victorio's Ambush87November 2007Mogollon
34Escondido (Hidden) Mountain86December 2008Mogollon
35Up There81January 2010Apache
36Bridge Point80May 2010Yucca
37Muddy Peak78January 2011Area 51
38La Madera High Point Cache77January 2008Sangre de Cristo
39Over the Hill and Far Away77March 2008Yucca
40Devil's Backbone77March 2008Yucca
41Cerro Quemazon77June 2008Sangre de Cristo
42Indecision Peak77March 2010Yucca
43Mount Wilson76April 2010Yucca
44Wheeler Peak Benchmark75May 2010Yucca
45Bridge Mountain Summit75May 2010Yucca
46Mordor74April 2010Yucca
47Mount Doom / Murphy Peak74November 2010Area 51
48Mystic73March 2010Yucca
49Rocky Road73September 2011Uinta
50spring mountain peak72September 2010Yucca

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