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Top 50 caches found by noshdoo tsoh, ranked by current CP values.

1aislado288November 2008Slickrock
2Roca Verde252March 2007Old Mexico
3Mike´s Cruz237March 2007Old Mexico
4window190May 2011Slickrock
5La Turquesa Cache (Baja)189March 2007Old Mexico
6The Second Highest Peak in New Mexico152April 2010Sangre de Cristo
7Vengasipuedes (Come in if you can)151March 2007Old Mexico
8The accident145July 2007San Juan
9WP#4 Canyon145July 2009San Rafael
10Picacho Peak135November 2009Salton Sea
11Eye of the Spider131October 2006Slickrock
12MDV127November 2009Yuma
13Table Mountain123November 2004Apache
14Tinajas Altas Peak122November 2006Yuma
15By sea or by land120March 2007Old Mexico
16Tweedle Dum118June 2009Slickrock
17Fisher Mesa Cache118October 2006Slickrock
18Take a Walk cache115July 2009Uinta
19Arch Canyon110April 2008Slickrock
20Cracked Rocks Peak108January 2007Chiricahua
21Devil's Chair107July 2008San Juan
22River Rush105July 2009Slickrock
23Sister Superior105November 2006Slickrock
24Middle Saddle104May 2005Tonto
25Tukuhnikivatz104August 2008Slickrock
26San Juan - Soda Springs101June 2006Slickrock
27Scorup Cabin98September 2010Slickrock
28Alligator King98September 2006Mogollon
29Stink Pig Peak96August 2007Apache
30Cockscomb II95November 2009Zion
31Delores's Box94September 2006San Juan
32"ROCK INN"94September 2006San Juan
33indian 390October 2008Apache
34monument at 41K89March 2007Old Mexico
35Canada del Oro87August 2010Apache
36Escondido (Hidden) Mountain86June 2007Mogollon
37North Rabbit Ear85March 2009White Sands
38"Rocky Point"84September 2006San Juan
39Red Canyon Extreme84June 2010Slickrock
40Blue Canyon Crack84June 2010Slickrock
41Up There81January 2003Apache
42Doss Cache81May 2007Zion
43Italian Spring Trail80December 2004Apache
44SanRafael Amazing Pool79October 2006San Rafael
45Muddy Peak78November 2007Area 51
46Sandy's Birthday Cache77September 2008Slickrock
47BunkerDave's Cache77August 2008Slickrock
48Canister Black76December 2007Heiroglyphic
49Colorado Peak76February 2005Chiricahua
50Box Springs75September 2008Slickrock

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