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Top 50 caches found by Baad Daata, ranked by current CP values.

1Baad Daata, thanks for the fun127June 2010Area 51
2BajaRichie, thanks for the hides127June 2010Area 51
3King of Beaver Island119August 2010Sanpete
4Tweedle Dum118September 2010Slickrock
5FMWindyWIllows109July 2009Sanpete
6Douglas Hoop105July 2011Uinta
7Oh What A View Cache Two!99September 2009Fishlake
8Head Of Forbush Cove Trail86August 2010Sanpete
9Weezer86August 2010Sanpete
10Delta 5th Ward BSA Troop 14884May 2009Bonneville
11Robbers Roost82May 2009Bonneville
12Shortcut Cache81July 2009Sanpete
13Which Way Do We Go??79September 2009Sanpete
14Cove View74April 2009Fishlake
15Dial Out SG173July 2008Zion
16Just Off The Beaten Path72January 2011Area 51
17Clark Keller/Lincoln Ellison71August 2010Sanpete
18Lover's woods71August 2010Sanpete
19Forbush Cove Cache71August 2010Sanpete
20Helicopter Please71November 2008Dixie
21Mesa's Edge Extreme: Gooseberry Point71November 2008Dixie
22GUN STASH69July 2009Sanpete
23Butte-iful View69November 2006Bonneville
2438 Special68June 2009Zion
25Stud pile68August 2008Cedar
26Hell'n Moriah Kitchen67May 2009Bonneville
27Cardinal67May 2010Area 51
28Rabbit Brush67May 2010Area 51
29Midpoint of 6 Mile Creek67September 2009Sanpete
30Jack Cache67May 2009Cedar
31Waterfall66July 2009Sanpete
32Upper Indian Hole66July 2009Sanpete
33Rim of Red Butte66November 2008Cedar
34Me Lost? Can't Be!64September 2009Sanpete
35Wild Erness64March 2011Area 51
36Swasey63May 2009Bonneville
37HELL HOLE CACHE62July 2009Sanpete
38Bird House61July 2009Zion
39C. A. C.61July 2009Zion
40Twelve Mile Slide Area60September 2009Sanpete
41A View of Hevan60July 2009Sanpete
42Evolutionary Travel60April 2011Great Basin
43Griswold60April 2011Great Basin
44nvtriker's 100th cache60May 2011Area 51
45TRAILS END59April 2008Area 51
46The Cockscomb58March 2008Zion
47The Frog Rock58February 2007Cedar
48Honeymoon57January 2008Grand Canyon
49Rain Lake57December 2005Bonneville
50North Fork Super Cache56August 2010Sanpete

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