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Top 50 caches found by pokernut, ranked by current CP values.

1The Survivors ( MacGyver Cache # 70 )470April 2007Provo
2The Hunt For Sunken Treasure427August 2008Ogden
3Run, Man, Run!241December 2006Wasatch
4"Strictly Business" ( MacGyver Cache # 123 )240December 2006Wasatch
5Long Hollow Rock Cache207November 2007Wasatch
6Hiker's Scenic Byway169July 2005Wasatch
7161-367-3-187163November 2006Provo
8Snowman's Lair155July 2005Wasatch
9West Desert View148July 2007Bonneville
10Hike to Heaven146September 2010Wasatch
11Lonely Fir Tree on the Way to Taylor Ranch Final130November 2007Wasatch
12The Big Narly Tree overlooking the falls124July 2007Wasatch
13Rangu, Samuri Warrior!112May 2006Wasatch
14Are You Chicken?112June 2007Wasatch
15Little Rock Canyon112June 2007Wasatch
16Return of the Multi-Puzzle Cache109June 2007Provo
17Beach Parcheesi108May 2006Wasatch
18Z Mountain105July 2006Wasatch
19Great View103July 2010Sanpete
20Buckley Mountain97September 2010Wasatch
21Mysteries of Éire93April 2005Wasatch
22413615 SPP91February 2008Provo
23A puzzle cache for AD0OR/MacGyver90March 2007Provo
24Just another med-diff. puzzle cache #188April 2009Provo
25Toad Back88July 2008Wasatch
26The Mystic Treasure Box84April 2005Wasatch
27Who is operating this anyway83November 2007Wasatch
28Texas Micro in a Small Pine Tree83August 2010Bonneville
29Searchn' the Archives81June 2008Wasatch
30Billy's ATV Adventure81June 2005Wasatch
31Diddabug Point79June 2008Wasatch
32Long Hauler77November 2007Wasatch
33The Evil Doctor's Revenge75March 2007Provo
34Dial-A-Cache73May 2007Provo
35Fire and Ice ( MacGyver Cache # 49 )72October 2006Provo
36Cachezooka 2 "Wasatch 100 stop"70August 2005Wasatch
37A Door70July 2007Provo
38"For Love Or Money" ( MacGyver Cache # 44 )69January 2007Provo
39Vincents Jetski68November 2007Salt Lake City
40Fox Peak68November 2006Wasatch
41Currant Creek Peak66June 2006Uinta
42Beyond Jubilee66March 2011Wasatch
43Wintering Elk64March 2011Wasatch
44Rock Springs Mile 87 of Wasatch 10062August 2005Wasatch
45Attack of the Grasshoppers61March 2011Wasatch
46Slide Canyon Night Adventure61June 2005Wasatch
47Buckley's Southern View60September 2010Wasatch
48Angus likes cheeseballs too59February 2007Provo
49Molley Cache59April 2010Wasatch
50Pinetree Campsite59July 2010Wasatch

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