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Top 50 caches found by gotwings, ranked by current CP values.

1Curiosity Brought Me Here!145May 2010Wasatch
2Canyon Conundrum142September 2011Wasatch
3The Shadow of lesdubois108March 2011Wasatch
4Capital Tour106July 2010Wasatch
5Mister Vaquero106March 2007Wasatch
6Mockba knows his shrooms101August 2010Wasatch
7Saddle Horse Canyon87April 2009San Rafael
8The Shadow85July 2011Wasatch
9X-Y-Z85August 2010Wasatch
10Summer Stumper82April 2011Salt Lake City
11A not so Swell Dam74April 2011San Rafael
12Trailhead Trivia71September 2011Wasatch
13We Did It...& So Can You69August 2011Uinta
14Vincents Jetski68November 2007Salt Lake City
15Lock and Key Cache(s) - The Hard Version67August 2010Wasatch
16Another Hole in Another Rock66April 2011San Rafael
17I'm so dizzy65April 2011San Rafael
18Flagstaff Mountain61September 2011Wasatch
19Educational Enigma57January 2011Salt Lake City
20Salt Lake County Townships56September 2010Wasatch
21Dino Peak54May 2011Wasatch
22Winter Range53June 2007Wasatch
23Morbid Curiosity53May 2010Wasatch
24D. O. A. - Salt Lake County51October 2010Salt Lake City
25What the.....48March 2007Salt Lake City
26Digital Dilemma 147June 2011Salt Lake City
27It must be in your genes!47August 2011Wasatch
28Three Dudes and a Geocache46June 2006Wasatch
29Butch's Hanging Chad Cache46July 2006Fishlake
30Geocadet's Farewell45April 2010Wasatch
31Duchesne Falls44July 2010Uinta
32Leap Day Challenge42June 2011Salt Lake City
33Out of the Wilderness we come42February 2010Wasatch
34Euphrates42July 2010Wasatch
35Think Tall42June 2011Wasatch
36Chukar Partridge41May 2007Salt Lake City
37GC Poker41March 2011Salt Lake City
38Chloee's First41August 2011Wasatch
39Zol zayn mit mazel !41July 2011Salt Lake City
40DUDETTE41June 2006Wasatch
41The Black Corsage ( MacGyver Cache # 86 )40January 2008Salt Lake City
42Her Name Was "Russell"40July 2011Wasatch
43Swallow Rocks: WF-100 Mile 3539June 2010Wasatch
44Rock Art39April 2011San Rafael
45Deer Leg39June 2006Bonneville
46Perfect Squares39June 2008Wasatch
47City Creek Cliffs39June 2006Wasatch
48Doctor Creek Trail38August 2008Fishlake
49Citadel One38July 2010Wasatch
50Nice View from nowhere37October 2005San Rafael

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