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Top 50 caches found by oldhikers, ranked by current CP values.

1miners cabin36July 2011Zion
2Gate Canyon Arch35July 2011Uinta
3Pot House33December 2010Cedar
4Peak-A-Boo: Unnamed (Andrew "Andy" Nelson Peak)27July 2011Zion
5Pine Valley, the old road26August 2011Cedar
6Safest Seat on Sloping Slant26August 2011Dixie
7Virgin Gorge #2 North Overlook26October 2010Grand Canyon
8Addition cache26April 2011Cedar
9Beyond the sink holes24August 2011Dixie
10Erastus Snow Cache24May 2011Cedar
11Ride The Elephant24May 2011Grand Canyon
12Puzzling in Gunlock23December 2010Cedar
13Quail Canyon # 223January 2011Grand Canyon
14The Clavicle23February 2011Dixie
15Barrels of Fun23August 2011Grand Canyon
16Virgin Gorge #5 - East Overlook22May 2011Grand Canyon
17Caucus22September 2010Dixie
18Caucus - I Voted To Go Further22September 2010Dixie
19jeffrey and AJ's st. george multi22July 2011Dixie
20Above the River21October 2010Dixie
21Virgin Turns20December 2010Dixie
22Green Valley Loop Rest Stop20March 2011Dixie
23Canyon High20December 2010Cedar
24Calf Springs Creek20August 2011Cedar
25Liar's Multi19March 2011Dixie
26Below Coal Pits19June 2011Zion
27I Ate The Bunny18November 2010Dixie
28Bubblegum18August 2010Grand Canyon
29Virgin Gorge #1 North Overlook18October 2010Cedar
30Peanuts--all gone18October 2010Dixie
31Tonaquint Ridge Cave Give & Take18February 2011Dixie
32Sand & Snow - Getting Closer17December 2010Cedar
33BROKEN ARROW17August 2010Grand Canyon
34I took the Low Road17May 2011Grand Canyon
35Grandpa's Improbable Point16March 2011Dixie
36Tonaquint Ridge Rocks!16February 2011Dixie
37Sand & Snow - Keep Going16December 2010Cedar
38Sand & Snow - You Made It16December 2010Cedar
39Where Did That Big Zit Go?16August 2011Grand Canyon
40THE UTAH NANO CACHE16May 2011Cedar
41Hike Or Ride ???16November 2010Cedar
42Down by the Riverside16October 2010Dixie
43Gorge Yourself16November 2010Grand Canyon
44Happy Hippo16April 2011Cedar
45Stinky Butte16October 2010Dixie
46WOW! That was close16April 2011Cedar
47Good Vibrations16August 2010Grand Canyon
48Wolf Hole is TOOOO Far!15May 2011Grand Canyon
49Twisted Fish15July 2011Fishlake
50We LOVE Geocaching15May 2011Grand Canyon

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