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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by DogCatFxr, ranked by current CP values.

1Wacker Ponds Fishing Cache46July 2009South Platte
2Mt.Top Cache42May 2004Front Range
3SOUVENIR CACHE38August 2007Continental Divide
410-5036November 2005Denver
5Mondo's Star #1136February 2006Denver
6To Catch a Thief 434April 2006Denver
7To Catch a Thief 232November 2005South Platte
8Mondo's Star #1430March 2006Denver
9Forgotten Kingdom Treasures30November 2004Front Range
10To Catch a Thief 329December 2005South Platte
11Mondo's Star #529October 2005Denver
12To Catch a Thief 128November 2005South Platte
13Lover's Leap27August 2006Front Range
14Lamb School27May 2006Front Range
151879, and then some26February 2005Arkansas
16Mondo's Star #1825March 2006Denver
17Mondo's White Wedding#425July 2011Continental Divide
18Mondo's Star #1724February 2006Denver
19Mondo's Star #1323February 2006Denver
20Tolland with a Twist23August 2006Front Range
21Max's Final Cache22August 2007Continental Divide
22Mondo's Star #2022May 2006Denver
23MIB CE522March 2005Denver
24Cliff Dweller22October 2010Tonto
25Playfair's Extreme Geocacher Test21May 2005Colorado Springs
26Shift - 70721June 2005Colorado Springs
27MINEs on the ridge: End of Summer '0720August 2007Continental Divide
28Covert Cabin20October 2004Front Range
29Mondo's Star #1220October 2005Denver
30It's Elementery Too20May 2005Denver
31Algebra 10120December 2006Denver
32Cap Rock Challenge19May 2005Pikes Peak
334x4 9-Saints John Overlook19August 2008Continental Divide
34Sparrow and Ron's Excellent Adventure19October 2005Colorado Springs
35Mondo's Star #1619February 2006Denver
36Codeword "Berry"19August 2006Front Range
37Stanley's Revenge19June 2005Pikes Peak
38Tribute To A Friend18May 2005Front Range
39Mondo's Blob18November 2006Front Range
40ADV- Roasted Garlic (Roasted #2)18June 2006Front Range
41A Waste of Time18June 2005Pikes Peak
42RM ORS #04-06: Stream Front Property18August 2007Continental Divide
43Mondo's White Wedding #618August 2010Front Range
44ROCK CUT18August 2006Front Range
45The Second of Four Horsemen: War18August 2007Front Range
46LSA - Chemistry18June 2005Pikes Peak
47RM ORS #04-05: Hill Climb17August 2007Continental Divide
48Mondo's Rocky View17September 2008Front Range
49Stairway to Heaven17July 2004Front Range
50Mondo's Star #917November 2005Denver

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