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Top 50 caches found by Bhob, ranked by current CP values.

1A Quest into the Mind of E3 (Scream! Scream!)44November 2009Denver
2Reservoir-3: A Rocky Slope43June 2010Denver
3Mt.Top Cache42May 2005Front Range
4Douglas #22 - Rampart Range B-1741October 2007Pikes Peak
5WHAT ABOUT BOB ?41October 2007Pikes Peak
6Mondo's Snowshoe40June 2010Front Range
7Bikin' Beaver39October 2005Front Range
8Mondo's Snowshoe Two39June 2010Front Range
9He leadeth my dog to running waters39June 2009Front Range
10Ladybug Ladybug Fly Away Home39May 2005Arkansas
11Downtown / Main Street USA: Loveland CO38December 2005New Belgium
12Mondo's Star #2338April 2010Denver
13"Bear" With Us37July 2009Denver
14The 4th of 4 Horsemen: 7 Seals Blue Light Team37August 2010Denver
15Goat Mountain Cache37July 2004Front Range
16Waterton Canyon Time Trial Cache37August 2004Pikes Peak
17RM ORS #08-06: Derringer Peak36August 2008Front Range
18The Mother's Lode36June 2009Front Range
19Rodgers Mine #136August 2009Front Range
2010-5036November 2005Denver
21Mondo's Arapaho Spot36May 2010Front Range
22Mondo's Star #1136February 2006Denver
23A Fairburn Bushwack36December 2004Front Range
24Cinco de Saxo35October 2008Pikes Peak
25Tennessee Mountain35June 2010Front Range
26Pike's Cave35September 2007Pikes Peak
27Mondo's Canyon View35August 2009Front Range
28Abyss Cash Cache34September 2009Front Range
29GED-134May 2004Denver
30Cynthia's Dusky Veil34January 2009Denver
31To Catch a Thief 434December 2005Denver
32Spanish Gold Bug (Otra Vez)34January 2010Colorado Springs
33The Game is Afoot IV33November 2009Denver
3466% See Snoopy32November 2007Colorado Springs
35Watson's Falls (Re)visited32August 2004Pikes Peak
36To Catch a Thief 232November 2005South Platte
37Glacier Peak Summit31August 2008Continental Divide
38Ignore List31March 2009Pikes Peak
39THE FALCON CHALLENGE!31October 2005Pikes Peak
40Liberty31May 2011Denver
41A View On A Hill 330June 2010Front Range
42FalconStash 130September 2005Pikes Peak
43Corey's Safari II My Friends30December 2005New Belgium
44Crypto Cache # 9 - Antipodes30June 2008Colorado Springs
45The Cougar Country Challenge30May 2010Pikes Peak
46Mondo's Star #1430March 2006Denver
47Forgotten Kingdom Treasures30November 2004Front Range
48Elk Meadow view29May 2009Front Range
49Adventure past the Rampart (Reincarnation)29November 2007Pikes Peak
50To Catch a Thief 329November 2005South Platte

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