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Cache Lists

All caches (with 10 or more CPs) found by ReluctantParticipant, ranked by current CP values.

1Barley Corn31February 2011Yucca
2Elvish has left the building29February 2011Yucca
3Ephraim's Puzzle Cache26August 2010Sanpete
4Pilot Zeros - Utah Megacache #320September 2010Bonneville
5ZERO20February 2011Yucca
6Tiger vs. Bear19August 2010Provo
7On the Way to the Ranch18September 2010Bonneville
8MXYZPTLK18February 2011Yucca
9The Yin-Yang Puzzle17November 2010Dixie
10Hastings Cutoff15September 2010Great Basin
11welcome back14September 2010Great Basin
12The Truth is Out There12February 2011Yucca
13Vegas Valley View12February 2011Yucca
14The Matrix has You12November 2010Cedar
15Intendo Rocks12November 2010Area 51
16Benchmark: LO0223 " K 85 "10September 2011Wasatch
17The Best Two Years10August 2010Sanpete

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