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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Rockin W's, ranked by current CP values.

1Irish Setter59November 2009Yucca
2West Cronese Lake - Cache and Release55January 2009Death Valley
3Jack's Well50April 2008Yucca
4A Day....45November 2009Death Valley
5Texas Bakery44November 2009Yucca
6Miami Overlook43January 2009Death Valley
7LET ME OUTTTT/////42November 2009Yucca
8R. A. G.40September 2009Mojave
9Dust Bowl38January 2009Mojave
10Your Funeral38November 2009Yucca
11Chivas36November 2009Yucca
12Hellavue32January 2009Death Valley
13Intersection ?32November 2009Yucca
14Don't Get Stuck31November 2009Death Valley
15Yuccitdown31March 2007Yucca
16Commanding View31March 2007Yucca
17My Backyard31November 2009Yucca
18Follow My Tracks31November 2009Yucca
19Near My Bed31November 2009Yucca
20Must be Brooklyn30November 2009Yucca
21Coyote Run30November 2009Yucca
22Hector's Last Stand29November 2009Death Valley
23Jaun way or another29April 2008Yucca
24Follow the wash29November 2009Yucca
25Coffee, T or T.28November 2009Yucca
26amargosa trees27November 2009Yucca
27x-mas in the desert27November 2009Yucca
28ROCKEY TOP DESERT CACHE27November 2009Yucca
29Special Delivery27November 2009Yucca
30Twisted27November 2009Yucca
31710 Dino Ribs27March 2007Death Valley
3237th Fighter Wing27June 2007Area 51
33While you're here26November 2009Yucca
34DAT Phone26January 2003Mojave
35White Knuckle26March 2007Yucca
36Gus' Hill25November 2009Yucca
37New Skin or Rubber?25November 2009Yucca
38Goat Corral24September 2009Mojave
39Dump Me22November 2009Yucca
40Out of Gas?22November 2009Yucca
41In the Copper Cache22November 2005Yucca
42Dune Tumble Weed22November 2009Yucca
43Rock of Love?22April 2009Area 51
44The Rocky Road To Heaven22April 2009Area 51
45Some-thing-in the desert22November 2009Yucca
46Balls O'Plenty21March 2007Yucca
47Yuccitup21March 2007Yucca
48Manifold Destiny21April 2009Area 51
4930,000 Joules Over the Colorado21November 2008Yucca
50Erosion19April 2007Yucca

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