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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by orygun connie, ranked by current CP values.

1Natural High45February 2008Tonto
2Ella Fant - A Real Beaut25January 2008Tonto
3Steep 4WD Ridgeline Road23December 2008Tonto
4Macala's 1st cache21March 2009Tonto
5Marky3421January 2008East Valley
6Rocky Top20January 2008East Valley
7OOO WAH nice picture!19May 2006Slickrock
8Javelina Canyon19December 2005Ironwood
9West Queen Valley18February 2007East Valley
102 Rocky 4 Us!17January 2009Tonto
11Top of the World Cache17May 2008Slickrock
12Missing Chester Copperpot16February 2006Ironwood
13Fortress16April 2004Tonto
14Make a Wish16March 2009Tonto
15Beware in Moab15May 2009Slickrock
16Klear Above Visibelity Unlimited15May 2009Slickrock
17Next to the Park14January 2007Phoenix
18WORK AND PLAY14April 2003Tonto
19Spider's View of the Colorado14May 2009Slickrock
20R14January 2009Tonto
21Cal and Sydney14April 2004Tonto
22QV Overlook14November 2009East Valley
23That Dam Gate14January 2010Ironwood
24Cross Cut Cache14February 2005Tonto
25Sooner Quarry13February 2008Tonto
26" FORE"13February 2007Heiroglyphic
27Don't Fool With Mother Nature13May 2009Slickrock
28Bach Fest13April 2003Tonto
29Klondike Bluffs13May 2008Slickrock
30Tomahawk Cache13January 2008Tonto
31She'll be coming around the Mt.13January 2009Tonto
32Father's and Son's13February 2007Tonto
33Round Mountain13May 2009Slickrock
34cameron's cache13May 2009Slickrock
35The Sphinx12February 2003Tonto
36Cottonwood Springs Cache12January 2008Tonto
37Lost In Space!12April 2006East Valley
38Liar - liar12May 2004East Valley
39Are We Having Fun Yet?12March 2006Ironwood
40Therma-Cache12January 2009Tonto
41Pearl Hart12April 2003Apache
42Moab Pumpkin Chuckin'12May 2009Slickrock
43ROCK THE HOUSE11January 2009Tonto
44Dellenbaugh Tunnel11May 2009Slickrock
45Front End11January 2008Tonto
46Billsville11March 2004Tonto
47Top view11March 2005Ironwood
48Candy Shop Confusion-Tootsie Bubble11January 2009Tonto
49'Orever Mine Cache10February 2008Tonto
50Cochran Drift10March 2005Ironwood

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