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Cache Lists

Top 50 caches found by Udink, ranked by current CP values.

1No Mans Canyon Overlook145April 2010San Rafael
2D. O. A. - Emery County119May 2010San Rafael
3Take a Walk cache115August 2005Uinta
4Mountain View Cache112April 2005San Rafael
5Bowknot109September 2011Slickrock
6Sister Superior105March 2005Slickrock
7San Rafael Benchmark #4103November 2006San Rafael
8Mount Elliott (Elliott Peak)98May 2010Uinta
9Watch Yer Stepp90December 2009San Rafael
10Saddle Horse Canyon87October 2004San Rafael
11Swazys Leap85August 2008San Rafael
12Deso-Range Creek85November 2010Uinta
13Top of the Knob81April 2006San Rafael
14SanRafael Amazing Pool79October 2008San Rafael
15Live Horse Point Overlooking The Swell77April 2006San Rafael
16San Rafael Benchmark #176March 2011San Rafael
17Twisted Sister Meets Big Brother76April 2006San Rafael
18Cheeze whiz and Peporoni75October 2010San Rafael
19A not so Swell Dam74March 2006San Rafael
20Musinia peak73October 2010Fishlake
21The million dollar view $$$68October 2006San Rafael
22Flat Top in San Rafael67April 2006San Rafael
23Lizards Paradise67October 2010San Rafael
24A Cache with a view66October 2009San Rafael
25I'm so dizzy65March 2006San Rafael
26Top of the Reef Cache65May 2004San Rafael
27DeViDe #100, $100 Cache63March 2007San Rafael
28Trail Crossing61August 2011Sanpete
29Hurst Bridge - San Rafael Swell61October 2008San Rafael
30Seventh Wonder of the Reef59November 2006San Rafael
31Sixth Wonder of the Reef59November 2006San Rafael
32Squaw Ledge58September 2009Fishlake
33San Rafael Benchmark #356March 2011San Rafael
34Cottonwood Wash55April 2009San Rafael
35Cow Brains Hill54June 2005San Rafael
36Uneva Canyon and Mine54March 2011San Rafael
37Fifth Wonder of the Reef54November 2006San Rafael
38Watchful Tree54August 2011Sanpete
39Sids Mountain53March 2007San Rafael
40Tazzman's cache53May 2010Fishlake
41San Rafael International Airport / Horseport53April 2006San Rafael
42Dino Dump52June 2005Slickrock
43Ghost house51October 2010Sanpete
44SunRise Cache51June 2005San Rafael
45Herder's Game50April 2007San Rafael
46"Baptist Slot or not"49May 2007San Rafael
47Bookcliff Views48November 2009Uinta
48A. Mayhew47December 2010San Rafael
49Derrick - San Rafael Swell46October 2008San Rafael
50Butch's Hanging Chad Cache46July 2006Fishlake

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