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Top 50 caches found by Dorkteam6, ranked by current CP values.

1D. O. A. - Rich County307September 2010Cache
2D. O. A. - Sanpete County307October 2010Sanpete
3Confluence Cache207September 2006Bonneville
4WP#4 Canyon145February 2011San Rafael
5Don't dive, it's a typo133August 2006Wasatch
6No Mans Cache128November 2010Slickrock
7PowerHouse Cache124April 2004Wasatch
8D. O. A. - Emery County119May 2010San Rafael
9Douglas Hoop105July 2007Uinta
10San Rafael Benchmark #4103November 2006San Rafael
11D. O. A. - Utah County102August 2011Provo
12Mount Elliott (Elliott Peak)98May 2010Uinta
13Utah DeLorme Challenge97November 2006Sanpete
14The Great Salt Lake Geocache93May 2006Bonneville
15Watch Yer Stepp90February 2011San Rafael
16High Spur90April 2010Slickrock
17Saddle Horse Canyon87April 2009San Rafael
18Top of the Knob81April 2006San Rafael
19BunkerDave's Cache77August 2004Slickrock
20Olympian Cryptoponymy77March 2004Salt Lake City
21San Rafael Benchmark #176March 2011San Rafael
22Canyon Fortress76October 2006Wasatch
23Cheeze whiz and Peporoni75October 2010San Rafael
24View of 4 Lakes75July 2005Wasatch
25Whizzin Bullits74March 2010Slickrock
26Ho Hum Canyon74May 2010Slickrock
27North Fork of Robbers Roost74May 2010Slickrock
28A not so Swell Dam74April 2006San Rafael
29Narcolepsy Crag74May 2004Wasatch
30thirty nine one ten,,,,confluence74May 2010Slickrock
31Winter Quarters73August 2011Wasatch
32Musinia peak73October 2010Fishlake
33Don't climb to the ridgetops - Not a solution73August 2006Wasatch
34D. O. A. - Dagget County71September 2010Uinta
35Eight70June 2003Sanpete
36The Outsiders ( MacGyver Cache # 67 )70September 2007Sanpete
37"For Love Or Money" ( MacGyver Cache # 44 )69June 2008Provo
38North of South69November 2004Wasatch
39The million dollar view $$$68October 2006San Rafael
40Fox Peak68April 2004Wasatch
41Flat Top in San Rafael67April 2006San Rafael
42Lock and Key Cache(s) - The Hard Version67July 2009Wasatch
43Cricket Confluence Cache67May 2011Bonneville
44County Seats of Utah67June 2009Salt Lake City
45Devil Sam's Castle66September 2003Wasatch
46BunkerDave 100066July 2006Wasatch
47Above the Lake66September 2003Wasatch
48Tough Boys ( MacGyver Cache # 105 )66April 2010Slickrock
49A Cache with a view66April 2011San Rafael
50Another Hole in Another Rock66June 2006San Rafael

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